28 lunar day

Symbol: Lotus

Quiet and favorable day.

Today should be lived actively and in good humor. Look inside yourself. One may start any new projects. The day is particularly favorable for the purchase of land or real estate. Cultivate your good ideas. This is a good day for work with dreams.

Influence on health:

Eyes, brain are active. Strengthen and take care of your vision. Juice fasting is recommended.

Nutrition tips on 28 lunar day:

Use greenery with any solid food you take today. Nuts are favorable. Do not forget to drink juices, eat fruits and vegetables. Dry fasting is recommended. Avoid seeds, grains and animal food.

Business on 28 lunar day:

This is a favorable day for any kind of projects. It is a day that is connected with spiritual enlightenment.

It is recommended to:
- be active in your business or at work
- commence new projects
- work with finances
- sign contracts and important documents
- keep calm and kind in any activity
- sponsor spiritual institutions
- not to overstress
- work slowly but not idly
- think about current tasks during the second half of the day
- listen to what relatives have to say
- attend to your self
- keep your achievements a secret.

Housework on 28 lunar day:

As reasonably as possible combine creative activity with observation, for instance take your time and decorate your interior or plant flowers and admire their beauty. On this lunar day you may do any small repairs like hanging wallpaper, if the surface is already prepared, hang clean or new curtains, remove things that you are tired of seeing or buy new potted flowers. Craft or bring in something beautiful which will add harmony into your house. Generally this day is more fit for decorating and not for your regular routine. Any destructive actions should be strictly avoided.

Relationships on 28 lunar day:

On this day it is favorable to constitute a family for aged experienced partners .
This is a suitable day for calm meetings when you have a chance to open new feelings and character.
While being with your partner try to be open-hearted.
It is recommended to organize a date in a quiet and peaceful place.

Stones and minerals:

Chrysoprase, milk opal, jade, aquamarine, amethyst.

Meditation on 28 lunar day:

Ideals, candle.

This is a favorable day to work with chakras, because they are open. We must be clean physically, emotionally and mentally before working with our chakras, therefore all kinds of cleansing practices for the body and mind are recommended today. The 28th lunar day is also favorable for working with dreams. While dreaming one may receive spiritual insight and understand their life's purpose. This process happens each lunar month, regardless of whether we recognize it or not. In order to work with dreams we have to be aware that we are dreaming. However, we can not actually operate consciously while dreaming; usually, when we try to interfere, the dream stops and we wake up. To gain control over your dreams as a beginner, try to look at your hands right before going to sleep; once you realize you are dreaming, bring back the image of your palms in front of you.
During the 28th lunar day the Muladhara chakra is active.

The dreams on 28 lunar day:

On this lunar day you are better able to work with your dreams. The dreams may specify the obstacles or difficulties in your current affairs and show you how to overcome them. Dreams this lunar day are possibly prophetic, and they may show your future. When making conclusions about what you remember keep in mind that the dreams are only a notice and whether they will come true or not depends on your actions. The dreams you have today reflect your sensual world, emotional sphere and all aspects of love in general. Therefore, when interpreting the dreams, you may discover hints which help you to work out any obstacles associated with love in your world. In today's dreams you may see who you were in a past life.

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