21 lunar day

Symbol: Herd of horses

This is a day of justice, of people consolidation and forward motion.

This is a day of courage and steadfast advancements. Active and creative energy are prevalent. Today is a time for conclusions or learning and also for testing and checking for professionalism. Today is good for group activity. It is good to change one's job or to head off on a trip.

Influence on health:

Overloading the liver is especially dangerous today. Blood and other cleaning procedures are advisable. Physical exercises, tempering phytotherapy and fresh air on the skin are recommended.

Nutrition tips on 21 lunar day:

This day the red products are recommended like pomegranate, cranberry, beetroot, carrot, cherry, red ashberry and freshly squeezed juices. Drink blood cleaning tea. Take any food you like, but do not overload liver and overeat sweets.

Business on 21 lunar day:

This is a favorable day, work goes well and you will feel fine. Today you can do a lot and may see many interesting offer. This is a day of friendship and solidarity; use the help of associates. It's a good day for those who work with types of transportation: for example those who sell cars, bicycles, motorcycles or pedigreed horses.

It is recommended to:
- rapidly move further
- work with finances
- be active
- carry out business
- make contact with bosses and public figures
- work on general workplace issues
- work either in team or individually. For bosses:
- develop corporate culture (but not by means of a party or outing)
- enhance the work environment
- pay attention to creative ideas and suggestions for improvement
- go for a business trip to sign a contract
- be creative and artistic
- organize something educational for the evening such as a show, concert or exhibition
- move up your career ladder
- start new affairs.

It is not recommended to:
- oppose yourself to or stray from the team
- get distracted by unimportant things.

Housework on 21 lunar day:

Energy of this day allows difficult project to be started with ease. You will succeed in any project which you haven't had the will or energy for. As the saying goes, a good beginning is half the battle. Today you may hang wallpaper, paint the walls, move furniture, sort your clothes or make a big laundry day. Try to do all the creative projects you can manage by yourself. Don't waste your energy arguing with your family members about changes to the interior; better to concentrate on constructive processes in the house instead.

Relationships on 21 lunar day:

The 21st lunar day is favorable for wedding celebration. Celebration should be merry, large-scale and interesting.
A favorable day to have a romantic date. New impressions are expected.
Avoid loneliness, it can bring depression.
If it is impossible to have a date then try to meet with friends.
This day is active and people usually feels vigor and high spirit. The energy of this day can help to implement your dreams.

Stones and minerals:

Pyrite, zirconium, aventurine, obsidian.

Meditation on 21 lunar day:

Pranayama, breathing practices, body works (especially legs).

It is a favorable day to have a rebirthing session. If you are practicing Kundalini yoga, choose fire breathing exercises. In Hatha-yoga choose the proper pranayama. Favour more physical activities. In the evening, before sleep, perform the meditation of meeting your Inner Teacher (find the description of this practice on the 20th lunar day).
During the 21st lunar day the Sahasrara chakra is active.

The dreams on 21 lunar day:

The main task of dreams this lunar day is to show you how little creative energy is being manifested in your life: is it non-existent or barely coming through. In all other aspects these dreams don't matter and rarely come true.

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