5 lunar day

Symbol: Unicorn

Keep your inner rod, accomplish alchemy of soul and meal.

Everything will be successful, if you are creative and concentrate on your aim. You should be true to your principles, feelings and emotions. Both information and food will be perfectly digested, eat to satiety, but do not overeat. It is a good day for paying debts.

Influence on health:

Oesophagus is active. It is good to eat dairy. Fasting is not recommended.

Nutrition tips on 5 lunar day:

Be especially careful with the food because this day symbolizes the beginning of digestion and transformation of food you take. This is the only day when the food burns down and completely converts into tissues. Follow your instinct when choosing the food. Yogi usually do the same - buy a lot of different food and eat what they want. Do not overeat, be satisfied. Milk and curd are the best food this day. Fruits and honey are preferable. Do not fast, avoid meat, nuts, fermented cabbage, floury, grains, seeds, roughage and alcohol.

Business on 5 lunar day:

You may receive the fruits of your labor today. On this lunar day try and maintain awareness while communicating with bosses, partners and colleagues because they might be incapable of compromise and show stubbornness, especially if the Moon is in Aries, Taurus or Capricorns signs.

It is recommended to:
- pay debts
- finish started projects
- perform sweeping changes in you business (from furniture rearrangement to the whole business conception)
- perform new actions and methods of your business management.

It is not recommended to:
- lose something, it will unlikely be recovered
- manage financial affairs; try and find another time
- start new business.

Housework on 5 lunar day:

Today it's better to take a break from cleaning and other household chores. The best thing to do on this day is grocery shopping and organizing your food stocks; both the dry and refrigerated goods. The main task for this lunar day is to suss out what foods your body needs by following your sense of taste and to use this intuitive information in your choices for the rest of the lunar month as well. The energy of this day is directed toward the alchemy of the food we eat. It is a period of special transformation inside our digestive system, this is why it is better to direct your attention inward and determine the best products to ingest at this moment. If you have the mood or the will, you may choose to cook at home all the while listening to your feelings; how much salt, spices or herbs do you feel like adding into a particular dish or what beverage will best pair with it .

Relationships on 5 lunar day:

It's time for changes, unexpected discoveries and revelation. It is not favorable to constitute a family mostly for couples who doesn't live together enough. A favorable day for planning wedding ceremony on a noble scale.
Generally this day brings changes, mostly in love affairs. Therefore there is a chance to find your second half this day. Be attentive to acquaintances – probably you'll meet your Destiny.

Stones and minerals:

Turquoise, pink chalcedony, marbre.

Meditation on 5 lunar day:

Meditation while eating.

Both planning for the future and working with the past. Keep maximum attention while eating, chew slowly and carefully. When choosing what to eat, let your emotions be your guide. Choose foods, which, according to your feeling, will bring positive outcomes to any particular part of your body. Be careful with the amount of food. During meals observe and release any strain and bad emotions. If you realize that you have too strong an emotional affection with a particular food, then be extra conscientious.
During the 5th lunar day the Ajna chakra (the Third Eye) is active.

The dreams on 5 lunar day:

Good dreams may come true, but a disturbing dream is a warning. If you saw yourself crying in a dream, don't be afraid, today this is a good sign. If your dreams are about roads or movement it means you are doing well. If you see something unpleasant it is a sign to take care of your health. Today's dreams may show how your energy floats, how well you manage your tasks. Upon careful analysis you can determine if you're evolving or spinning in a circle.

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