Astrological forecast for March 2022

The first decade of the month will increase the pressure and fervour, which can primarily result in inner emotional storms. At this time, it is good to add more physical activity to your life and sincerely communicate with loved ones to decrease this tension.

Until March 6, the inner tension will be intensified in both children and adults. Children at this time may be prone to unreasonable stubbornness. At such moments, they should not be oppressed by willpower. It is better to gently and affectionately direct their energy in another direction. Try to hug and kiss them more often. In case of great intensity of emotions, simply withdraw.

The first part of the month is good enough for work, business activity, negotiations, presentations, speeches, and advertising.

Since the middle of the month, drowsiness and untidiness may appear, which can make working a bit difficult. There may be a lack of focus.

The last quarter of the month will improve intellectual activity, reduce drowsiness, add focus.

In general, the month of March is good for all kinds of purchases.

Since March 15, all real estate deals should be done with great attention.

It is advisable to be attentive when it comes to expensive purchases and durable goods. It is important to read the instructions, study the documents and check everything as carefully as possible.

The New Moon on March 2

At this time, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces the sign of this New Moon teaches us to love, have compassion and be more tolerant of ourselves, others and life in general.

The highest and heaviest sides of our lives are highlighted by Pisces.

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Mars in Aquarius from March 6 to April 15

During this period, there will be an enhanced desire to implement the tasks of the family, group, or the mutual tasks of your work team.

Such a Mars awakens interest in unification. It may cause a need for independence, freedom of self-determination.

During this period, it can be difficult to discern your simple and specific goals behind some abstract idea, like Liberty, equality and fraternity .

This is a good time for activating different kinds of group activity.

With the correctly presented information, people can easily respond.

Any new activity started at this time will have a future only if it has something radically new in it.

During this period, you should be careful with gadgets, especially when driving.

Venus in Aquarius from March 6 to April 5

When in this position, Venus will increase the amiable attitude and the desire to communicate. It will be easier to make contact and show a sense of tact and diplomacy.

At this time, it will be easy to fall in love at first sight. Relationships will begin to take an important place in our lives.

This is a wonderful period for people involved in creativity, for making a profit from joint activities. At this time, it will be easier to look for sponsors and those who can support the implementation of your idea.

Also, this will be a good time for social activities.

With this position of Venus, it is recommended to avoid reckless waste of your own money and public funds.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius from March 6 to March 30

At this time, the need for milder, more amiable contacts increases.

This position makes negotiations, meetings, and discussions easier.

There will appear an opportunity to win someone s heart.

Mercury in Pisces from March 10 to March 27

This position of Mercury makes the overall atmosphere milder, filled with a veil of mysticism. Aggressiveness, verbal battles, and criticism are reduced.

At such a time, it becomes easy to understand others. This is a time of creativity and intuition. It s a good time for psychologists, actors, artists, poets, orators.

During this period, it is better to avoid compulsions from the side. Do not succumb to the charms or charisma of others. Credulity may be out of place at this time.

In business, such a period helps to feel where to direct the development of your business better.

Intuition will be our guiding star at this time. And the main thing for us to do is to listen to its subtle voice.

The Full Moon on March 18

During this Full Moon, the Moon will be in Virgo, and the Sun will be in Pisces.

At this time, you can see the achievements and failures you ve made during the year, take the energy from the past and take the things that will have further development to the next year.

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Spring Equinox on March 20, 2022

The Sun enters 0 degrees Aries the first sign of the zodiac circle. The Sun enters the sign of its power.

At this time, a new astronomical year will begin.

Starting March 21, the spring comes into play, bringing joy, blooming and vitality.

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Mercury in Aries from March 27 to April 11

This position of Mercury enhances our sociability. At this time, it will be easy to communicate with anyone, even a complete stranger. Speech can become more assertive. Ideas will be coming as easily as they fall from the sky.

The difficulty of this period will be extreme volubility. But when there is a lot to say, there is usually little action.

The positive aspects of this period will be clarity of mind, high speed of information processing, liveliness in communication.

This is a good time for bloggers, speakers, sales managers, politicians, and agitators.

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