Spring Equinox on March 20, 2022

The Spring Equinox on March 20, 2022, will occur at 3:33 P.M. UTC.

The Sun enters 0 degrees Aries the first sign of the zodiac circle. The Sun enters the sign of its power.

At this time, a new astronomical year will begin.

On this day, the length of the day will be equal to the length of the night.

Starting March 21, the spring comes into play, bringing joy, blooming and vitality.

This time will give us a lot of new ideas, fill the atmosphere with the expectation of something new and festive.

At this time, the desire to communicate, exchange ideas and life experience may increase.

On the day of the spring equinox, it is recommended to meditate. Meditations done during this time will support us throughout the year.

The arrangement of the stars in the sky portends the continuation of the battle of the old and the new in the coming year, but to a lesser extent than in 2021.

The new astronomical year promises to be changeable. The life pendulum will swing from one side to the other.

Most likely, there will be a strong need for changes.

This year, it will be important to stay in the mood for changes, even if external circumstances create inertial obstacles.

In order for positive changes to occur, you will need to learn to choose the proper time.

The most difficult and important topic of the year will be finance and communication.

This year will enhance duality and contradictions. Some extremes can be replaced by others. The main task will be to find the golden mean and the meanings in what is being done. All actions related to money, contracts, purchases, new acquaintances and relationships will need to be weighed and foreseen in advance.

The approaching year will intensify interest in practical knowledge and also in abstract, philosophical, psychological and spiritual topics. Interest in the knowledge of the world s subtle structure will be awakened.

Meditating and identifying your tasks for this year at this time, you need to focus on intuition, clarity of mind, sensitivity and creative energy. Since they are besieged by the light of the planets on this day and will help us walk our life path throughout the entire year.

Since the day of the vernal equinox is associated with the energy of the elements, it is recommended to stock them. You can fill yourself with their power and properties by doing simple practises.

Starting the morning of March 20 and until the evening of March 21, you can do all kinds of rituals and techniques for working with the elements. On March 20, at dawn, it will be especially useful to do the Surya Namaskar yoga practice. It s good to walk barefoot on the ground, swim in a natural reservoir, light candles and sit by the campfire under the starry sky.

The more time you spend in nature these days, the more energy you will be able to absorb. Therefore, if possible, go out into nature, walk more. At least keep the windows open, light candles, take a bath and hold your favourite minerals in your hands.

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