New Moon on March 2, 2022

The New Moon on March 2 will occur at 5:34 P.M. UTC.

At this time, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Pisces.

The new lunar month will last from March 2 through April 1, 2022.

The Tibetan New Year is celebrated on this day.

The main meanings of this New Moon

Pisces the sign of this New Moon teaches us to love, have compassion and be more tolerant of ourselves, others and life in general.

The highest and heaviest sides of our lives are highlighted by Pisces.

The New Moon marks the sphere of activity through which the results will come to us.

During this New Moon, we learn to live with detachment, letting go and forgiveness: since we always have to part with something and forgive someone on our way.

During this New Moon, we can get rid of a lot of things on the level of the mind, emotions, events and habits.

We can clean up our space, both physical and energetic.

This is the time when our prayers for forgiveness reach the Lord, and he gives us the long-awaited release.

This is the month when it is necessary to complete the life stage that we ve passed.

The energy of this New Moon

Overall, this New Moon has a mild character.

Inner tensions are likely, and they will be mainly related to personal behaviour stereotypes.

The emerging tension and fatigue can be discharged through cordial warmth and care for others.

It is better to take a neutral position at this time and, if tension arises, simply withdraw or, literally, leave the room if it feels too heated in there.

Most of all, we can feel the pressure of stereotypes formed as a result of accumulated commitments, the excessive responsibility in our heads and the difficulty of its implementation.

Other pressing matters will be promises made to ourselves and disappointments associated with unfulfilled desires.

The arrangement of the planets will help, allowing us to become more adjustable and flexible.

During this New Moon, it is important to stop hesitating between two extremes and determine the golden mean for yourself. For example, it s impossible to instantly get a lot of money if you re broke, the right strategy and tactics are needed. Therefore, during this New Moon, it is important to get rid of all regrets and suffering of not having something in your life and do one of the following: create a plan to get the desired or finally part with it and let it go.

The energy of this New Moon can support our desires and contribute to their implementation. At this time, there may appear patrons and their support from the side.

Planning during this New Moon

During this New Moon, you can plan big and expensive purchases, including real estate. It is recommended to note to yourself that buying something expensive and durable requires you to check everything properly.

However, it should also be noted that all expenses should be well thought out and justified.

This lunar month is perfect for making your home, wardrobe, and notes free from everything unnecessary.

In this lunar month, you can plan performances, promotion of your accounts, self-promotion, advertising and selling your products.

It is good to get the cleansing techniques done, ask for forgiveness and forgive as well.

During this lunar month, you can do inner work to free yourself from your patterns, stereotypes and complexes.

It is a good time for meditation and developing your abstract thinking.

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