Saturday is a day of the Saturn

Saturn represents Law and can bring us examination.

It is recommended to minimize social activity and avoid starting new affairs.

This is a favorable day for domestic cares and helping to relatives or any other people (mostly aged people)

It is a good day for equipment repair and working in a garden.

It is favorable time for practice dumbness, washing, fasting, purification, solitude, outdoor trips, meditation and yoga.

Influence of Saturn can slow and complicate some processes, but in fact it leads us becoming hardened. Remember that every endurance we experience is a result of our previous deeds and just aids to purification and development.

It is favorable time to work with family, practice Systemic Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger or other similar methods.

Stones of this day are amethyst, blue sapphire, blue zircon, blue tourmaline and blue spinel.

Color of this day is dark blue.