Monday is a day of the Moon

The Moon symbolizes a Woman, Mother.

It is recommended to take care and spend time with a family, with your mother and kids.

Women are to harmonize their female energy.

This is a favorable time to organize hen party or just meet with lady friends.

The Moon activates emotional-sensuous sphere, subconsciousness and mystic characters of a man.

It is suitable day to visit psychologist and to deal with your subconsciousness.

Due to actively enabled subconsciousness and water energy this day is favorable for revelation of your creative potential.

Perform cleaning rituals with water. Visit swimming pool or riverside with a family.

Monday is a beginning of a new week so it requires seriousness and concentration but it is difficult to perform it this day. Therefore try not to plan any significant meetings. It is better to perform working place cleaning, planning, shopping.

Monday is a suitable day for household activities like cleaning and shopping.

Stones of this day are pearl, moonstone, white agate, silex, white tourmaline

Metal of this day is silver.

Colors of this day are white and milky.