Waning Moon

A favorable day for internals cleansing, cosmetic cleanup, depilation. Sauna or baths are recommended. Surgical manipulations are acceptable. Good for house cleaning. Day of easy and efficient fasting.

Housework on the waning Moon:

The time of the Waning Moon is the best period for all kinds of housework. Woolen clothes will wash easily even without chemicals. It is preferable to bring things which are made of sensitive materials such as  fur, leather or silk to the dry cleaners –  this way the fabrics will stay bright and longwearing. It is also suggested to do any repairs like plastering and painting walls. For painting use days when the Waning Moon is passing Air signs; if you have to deal with wet plastered walls better give preference to Leo days. For cleaning projects choose days of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Consequently you will notice that work itself goes way easier than usual and the results of this cleaning will last longer. Everything will get dry faster even if you used a lot of water. Use days of Water signs for laundry or other washing projects. The Waning Moon in Aquarius is perfect for transplanting house flowers. Also these days are suggested for installing new windows or another kinds of work with glass. Laying  flooring can be favorable as well, but better avoid doing that on Water days. Сalcareous coating on a kettle, iron or hard-to-get places in the shower cabin will come out easily on these days. Try to put preserving food on your to-do-list for days when the Waning Moon in Sagittarius, Cancer, Virgo or Pisces. Take care of wooden items on days of Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer. Add more yeast to your pastries when the Moon is Waning.

Nutrition tips on the waning Moon:

Waning moon releases all slags, washes away, relaxes, calls to activity and energy output. You can eat more during this time without gaining weight.

Business on the waning Moon:

During the waning Moon people usually become weaker, less enduring, passive, apathetic, natural tonus drops down and they find little success at work. Any and all work seems difficult. Do not give way to pessimism. If your work is important, try not to plan a meeting with neither potential nor existing clients; do not work overtime. It is better to do usual monotonous work. It is an unfavorable period to start any new projects. Do not ask your boss for a raise. Do not speed up collective plans or expect any decision making from your partner.

Beauty tips on the waning Moon:

The waning moon period is the most favorable for depilation except for on Virgo and Leo days. These days are perfect to start any cleansing program for your body: fasting, releasing from toxins or purifying yourself at other levels. This is a perfect period for sauna or baths and relaxing massage.

Gardening on the waning Moon:

Life activity of plants is slowing-up. A good time for transplanting, pruning, yielding and other operations.
It is favorable to seed and set out plants which yielding fruits and other eatable parts above the ground-level.
Near the new moon time perform weeding, grapple with pests.

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