Full Moon

A critical point, particularly for women. Emotional and psychic tension is increased. Decision making is not recommended. Surgical manipulation should be avoided. Be careful in action and keep your internal balance. Though, on full moon zodiacal energies are maximally manifested. I.e. on a full moon day your solar zodiacal signs are maximally active.

Housework on the Full Moon:

The Full Moon period which takes five days: two days before, the actual Full Moon day and two days after – might be difficult and energy-consuming for some people. Every person can try and feel what kind of work is preferable and appropriate for them during this critical period. It is advisable to choose activities which won’t cause any annoyance or displeasure to oneself. If you feel like you want to clear your living space of things you no longer need, the Full Moon will give you the necessary support.   Light cleaning and maintaining the harmony of your house are the best goals for this period. All kinds of decorating, interior design and creative projects will bring blessing to your living space. Don’t plan big projects like repairing, plastering walls, installing new windows, rearranging furniture or even “spring cleaning”; better delay all heavy work to a more favorable period. Concentrate all your being on maintaining quiet emotional background in your house: you may light candles and incense or fill your space with pacifying sounds. Therefore the Full Moon will create feelings of joy and celebration in your soul, and harmony will enter your home.

Nutrition tips on the Full Moon:

During the Full Moon it is useful to have one-day fasting. This day, organism is very sensitive, especially to numerous artificial additives which contained much in our food. Tissues are accumulating water faster, connective tissues are getting softer.

Business on the Full Moon:

During the Full Moon period the Moon's energy is still very active but gradually decreasing. The first days of this period bring happiness and joy. During this period we may enjoy the results of our previous efforts. You may likely see something from the opposite perspective, so be ready for changes.

Beauty tips on the Full Moon:

This period is auspicious for all kinds of rejuvenating or cleansing procedures. These are good days to perform any rituals which might free oneself from diseases, blockings and old programs. The Full Moon is the most magical time for a woman.

Gardening on the Full Moon:

Peak of activity for plants. Do not interfere with its growth.
Do not prune and transplant.
Nutritive quality of fruits and berries picked in this period is the highest.

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