Astrological forecast for July 2022

The start of July will be quite active

Mars will be still in the sign of Aries, and Mercury in Gemini. When the planets are in these signs, they give us quickness in actions, and ingenuity, and expand our contact list.

At this time, it will be easy to think. One can find necessary solutions quickly and act fast.

During this period, you shouldn t slow down. It s better to use this active beginning of the month and perform some actions if you want to see results.

Mercury is in the sign of Cancer from July 5 to 19

This position makes our minds more receptive and susceptible, can enhance sensitivity and increase imagination.

During this period, you can learn the subject you re interested in more deeply and thoroughly.

With this position of the planet, it will be easy to find yourself deep in thoughts about your emotional experiences related to home, homeland, and relatives.

At this time, it s important to filter the information coming from the outside. Make sure not to be greatly affected by it.

It will be good to think about the ways to organise your house and establish relations with relatives and loved ones.

It will be great to deepen your knowledge and pay more attention to your intuitive perception.

Mars enters the sign of Taurus on July 5

It will stay in this sign until August 20.

Mars in Taurus gives us some laziness and slowness.

With such a movement of Mars, it would be good to direct attention to physical work and creativity.

In such a period, everything can be done more efficiently and thoroughly. There will be a desire to make everything beautiful and aesthetically pleasant.

High-quality performance doesn t require fast speed, that is why it s important not to rush yourself and others. It s better to monitor the quality of your performance and make it beautiful.

Full Moon in Cancer on July 13

The Sun will be in the sign of Cancer, and the Moon in Capricorn.

During this Full Moon, it s important to find the right attitude and direction.

At this time, we learn to simultaneously work with many tasks: with plenty of things to do, with a lot of worries, with a lot of body weight, and with a lot of things.

The energy of this Full Moon can cause a certain internal pressure and depressed feelings. It can be difficult to express your emotions and to say what you feel.

With deep inner work on the day of the Full Moon, there may come an understanding of where to direct your effort, what skills to develop and how to act better.

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Mercury is in the sign of Leo from July 19 to August 4

This position of Mercury gives us self-confidence. There may appear a desire for recognition or even bragging. A false idea of your own opinion may appear. You may start to think that your opinion is the only correct one.

At this time, you can work on self-presentation, develop new ideas, make ambitious plans, and prepare vivid speeches and public speeches.

It will be good to give public speeches and improve your oral presentation skills.

Venus is in Gemini from June 23 to July 18

This is the most favourable period for friendly communication and making new connections and contacts.

At this time, communication will be full of ease and freedom. Relationships that feel good and right can be established.

This is a good time for short-term contacts. However, it s still necessary to make efforts so the established partnership can develop in the future.

This position of Venus makes it easy to communicate, create a lighter and more delicate style, upgrade your wardrobe, add light dresses, and choose light makeup products.

Venus is in the sign of Cancer from July 18 until the end of the month

At this time, the desire to stay in a cosy atmosphere may appear. We will be drawn to genuine beauty and art.

Such a period is great for decorating your home and space. You may add something homey and cosy, something that radiates warmth and peace.

Such a Venus makes our mood calm and aimed at pacification.

Feelings become deeper and can lead to emotional experiences related to a partner.

Jupiter is in direct motion in Aries until July 28

Jupiter is here to expand our idea space. New thoughts may come to our mind and there will be a desire to implement them.

Such a Jupiter also expands our possibilities to act.

New favourable opportunities and completely unexpected options may appear and completely change our habitual life.

On July 28, Jupiter starts its retrograde motion

Such a turn of Jupiter will shift attention from external activity to the internal one.

New ideas and opportunities may also come to mind, but there will be fewer actions.

This time is more suitable for internal processes, rethinking, and reformatting one s activities.

New Moon in Leo on July 28

During this New Moon, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Leo.

This New Moon encourages us to work with our self-consciousness and our Self.

It helps reveal our individuality, find our style, and our true representation in this world. It helps us lean on our inner core and feel the core inside ourselves.

The energy of this New Moon brings cheerfulness, optimism, confidence in one s beliefs, and a positive attitude.

When planning during this New Moon, the main focus should be on the improvement of your willpower, character, and self-determination.

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