New Moon on July 28, 2022

The New Moon will occur on July 28, 2022, at 5:54 P.M. UTC.

During this New Moon, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Leo.

The new lunar month will last until August 27, 2022.

The main meanings of this New Moon

This New Moon encourages us to work with our self-consciousness and our Self.

It helps reveal our individuality, find our style, and our true representation in this world. It helps us lean on our inner core and feel the core inside ourselves.

With the sign of Leo, we acquire deep soul and generosity. It also teaches leadership and the ability to lead. It helps us cultivate self-discipline and show will.

The energy of this New Moon

The energy of this New Moon brings cheerfulness, optimism, confidence in one s beliefs, and a positive attitude.

There may be a desire to talk a lot about yourself and your beliefs. Therefore, this is a great time for public speeches and presentations.

However, words may differ from actions at this time. What is planned may not be so easy to implement. There may be unexpected obstacles to activity.

There may be difficulties with making agreements. It may not always be possible to act according to the law and agreement. In particular, there may not be enough self-discipline.

Too complicated and extraordinary ideas can come to our minds during this New Moon. These ideas will be about ourselves and our external activities.

The New Moon encourages us to work using unusual and non-standard methods.

At this time, it will be very important to think several times before acting. You should not be too self-confident.

There may appear new options where to direct your strength and activity to.

During this New Moon, you may want a lot. However, it s important that you choose one thing and follow this chosen path.

When making decisions, it s important to rely on your intuition and see if the chosen vector of activity feels right.

Planning during this New Moon

When planning during this New Moon, the main focus should be on the improvement of your willpower, character, and self-determination.

If you dream of developing your oral representation skills, this New Moon is a great moment to start practising them.

Planning to make changes in your style is also a great activity during this New Moon. The energy of the New Moon helps you understand which image is the most suitable for you at the moment.

The New Moon is great for choosing new activities. It s a good time for expanding our creative abilities and developing new skills.

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