Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2022

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Date Time Phase Sun position Eclipse type
April 30, 20229:27 PMNew moonSun in TaurusPartial Solar Eclipse
May 16, 20225:14 AMFull moonSun in TaurusTotal Lunar Eclipse
October 25, 202211:48 AMNew moonSun in ScorpioPartial Solar Eclipse
November 8, 202211:02 AMFull moonSun in ScorpioTotal Lunar Eclipse

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A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon enters the cone of shadow cast by the Earth. It is possible only at the full moon.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the sun light coming to the Earth. It is possible only at the new moon.

The days of eclipses are special, even mystical.

In the days of eclipses it is effectively to get rid of bad habits and from the pride, also from obsolete relationships and unnecessary things.

During eclipses it is not recommended to engage in a sexual relationship and to start any important deeds.

It is advisable to refrain from driving and long trips.

Avoid any financial operations and do not make important decisions.

It is recommended to meditate and engage in spiritual practices.

Practice the Forgiveness on this day and should try to be the source of the good thoughts only.