Astrological forecast for July 2023

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces from July 1

Neptune Retrograde gives us the possibility to rethink everything and go back to things related to cinema, media, photography, psychology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, herbs, and ecology.

Also, during this period, we can go back to issues that should be solved secretly and informally.

Venus is in Leo for the whole July

Venus is in prograde motion in the sign of Leo until July 20.

During this period, it is recommended to do all the necessary beauty procedures and purchase self-care products, cosmetics, beautiful clothes, and perfumes.

Also, this time is favourable for holidays, fashion shows, and presentations.

The Full Moon on July 3, 2023

During this Full Moon, the Sun will be in Cancer and the Moon will be in Capricorn.

The main task of this Full Moon is to learn how to skilfully deal with plenty of tasks, worries, things, documents, information, emotions, and excess weight.

By sorting out our overstuffed places during this Full Moon, we can significantly free up the space around us, but find relief inside.

On this Full Moon, a harmonious configuration is formed in the sky, which helps to achieve success in our spheres.

This configuration is favourable for promoting one s authority and status, communicating with higher-ups, and resolving civil law issues.

The energy of this Full Moon will help to get a promotion, especially if there is support from higher-ups.

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The trine between the Sun and Neptune from July 8

Neptune will be in a favourable astrological aspect with the Sun on July 8, which will last until the end of the month.

This aspect increases sensitivity and intuition and helps us to be in the right place at the right time.

Mars transits in the sign of Virgo on July 10

Mars in Virgo invites narrowly focused activities, in which we need to show perseverance and diligence.

Such a Mars is suitable for precise and specific activities. Any activity where attention to detail is necessary will be more successful at this time.

At this time, it becomes easier to think about our actions and be attentive to the little things.

Mercury transits in the sign of Leo on July 11

Mercury in Leo gives us a vivid speech, the ability to do public speeches, negotiate, and have vivid debates.

Such a Mercury invites artistry and oratory skills.

Despite all its brightness, such a Mercury also brings a subjective view of things.

During its movement in the sign of Leo, Mercury can contribute to the exaggeration of our capabilities and talents and prevent us from dealing with legal issues and challenges related to our status.

Mars in opposition to Saturn from July 13

From July 13, Mars will be in an inharmonious aspect with Saturn, which will last until July 27.

During this aspect, it will be more difficult to get what we want. Difficulties in communicating with the higher-ups are also possible.

North Node transits in Aries and South Node transits in Libra on July 17, 2023

On July 17, North Node will enter the sign of Aries, and South Node will enter the sign of Libra. The Lunar Nodes will stay in these signs until January 12, 2025.

During the whole period when the Nodes are in these signs, our main task will be to move from compromises and the habit of negotiating to the ability to show determination, initiative, and activity, after weighing all the pros and cons and coming to the right decision.

New Moon in Cancer on July 17, 2023

We will be facing the task of adding the positive into our lives and everything that we do.

In Cancer, we may plan and direct our attention to things we postponed, hadn t enough time for, or rescheduled.

This New Moon has a difficult energy since it marks a transition to a new stage. It highlights the need to set new goals and objectives.

The energy of this New Moon is associated with the transition of Lunar Nodes into new zodiac signs.

It may seem that it is unclear how to live, who and what to love, and where to move

Our mind may be wandering, not focused on the task, rather subjective, and subject to fantasies about ourselves and our achievements.

During this New Moon, it is good to pay more attention to what inspires us, sparks our interest, and fires us with enthusiasm.

Venus is in the stationary position from June 20 to July 23

Venus will be in a stationary position in the sign of Leo from July 20 to July 23.

During the period of such a Venus, it is better not to make important purchases, or any cosmetic procedures, especially when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. It is not advised to throw parties and make presentations.

This time is suitable for routine and scheduled tasks.

The Sun transits in the sign of Leo on July 23

The Sun in Leo gives us generosity and self-sufficiency.

It helps us to uncover our talents in creativity and gives us the opportunity to find our identity and value.

Until the end of July, it will be difficult to fulfil ourselves fully, but we can rely on our intuition and keep creating without showing our creations to the public.

Venus Retrograde in Leo from July 23

Venus begins its retrograde movement in the sign of Leo on July 23. The planet will be in this motion until September 4, 2023.

During Venus retrograde, it is good to reconsider our activities related to shows, parties, presentations, and performances.

It is recommended to review our wardrobe and image, including our artistic image.

During this period, it will be easier to understand our true feelings and what we really like, instead of following trends and ideas imposed by someone else.

Mercury transits in the sign of Virgo on July 29

Mercury transits in the sign of Virgo on July 29. In the sign of Virgo, Mercury will be in a direct movement until August 23, 2023, and then start its retrograde motion.

Mercury in Virgo has a strong position and gives us an opportunity to seriously approach issues related to paperwork, accounting, auditing, research, and training.

At this time, it is good to allocate money, plan our budget, and sort documents, knowledge, and books.

It s possible to enrol in new courses or take exams.

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