Full Moon on July 3, 2023

The Full Moon will occur on July 3 at 11:38 A.M. UTC.

During this Full Moon, the Sun will be in Cancer and the Moon will be in Capricorn.

This Full will occur in a Grand Cardinal Cross.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

The main task of this Full Moon is to learn how to skilfully deal with plenty of tasks, worries, things, documents, information, emotions, and excess weight.

Every day we are surrounded by so many things and they become unnoticeable and familiar. We take them for granted, but at the same time, they can invisibly disturb us, distract our attention, and, even worse, invisibly irritate us.

The same goes for emotions. There are some that we can t ignore, they appear often and are obvious to everyone. It would be good to guide them in a different direction.

By sorting out our overstuffed places during this Full Moon, we can significantly free up the space around us, but find relief inside.

The energy of this Full Moon

On this Full Moon, a harmonious configuration is formed in the sky, which helps to achieve success in our spheres.

This configuration is favourable for promoting one s authority and status, communicating with higher-ups, and resolving civil law issues.

It gives us self-respect and the ability to appreciate our work, labour, and knowledge. It increases the friendly attitude and helps to solve issues with documents, conduct negotiations, communicate with clients, and grow new client base, and expand our social circle.

The energy of this Full Moon will help to get a promotion, especially if there is support from higher-ups.

This Full Moon gives us a sensitive and intuitive mind, which helps to study the subject more deeply and to express our thoughts and feelings more profoundly.

However, we must consider emotional and sentimental aspects when transmitting material, communicating, and during negotiations. It s possible to rely on self-control and the ability to pull oneself together.

The most changeable thing during this Full Moon will be love and feelings. Love can manifest itself in an impulsive and unexpected way. False expectations and illusions may be associated with it.

This Full Moon will have the greatest impact on the representatives of the signs of Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Pisces, and Capricorn.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from July 1 to July 5.

Throughout the entire period, it is good to work on our brand, improve our status, promote our authority, make plans on how to achieve success and deal with legal issues.

It is good to design the house interior, landscape, or shopping centre, build a trademark, look for partners and patrons, and participate in exhibitions.

During this Full Moon, we need to be careful when driving and working with equipment and electrical appliances. At this time, it is not advised to buy equipment, both electronic and mechanical and beautiful items for ourselves and our homes.

Also, it is better to be attentive to purchases on the Internet. We may not like the purchased product or receive the wrong item or not correspond to the description.

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