Astrological forecast for January 2023

Venus is in Aquarius from January 3 until January 27

In the sign of Aquarius, Venus brings originality, uncommonness, freedom, and responsibility.

The planet s movement in this sign is favourable for designers, web designers, makeup artists, and fashion designers.

During the movement of Venus through Aquarius, original ideas about changing one s image and style may come to mind. There may be a desire to adorn your gadget or buy the one you ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Unpredictability and changeability may appear on the level of feelings. Dreams of something unusual in a relationship may arise.

At this time, you may feel urge to communicate with extraordinary people. There may be a desire to highlight your style and the style of your partner.

While we are influenced by such a Venus, there may appear a desire to fly to an unknown place.

The period of such a Venus is good for skincare and beauty devices (consider the period of Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde).

It will largely affect Aquarians and Leos. Leos need to be especially attentive to their relationships and partners.

The Full Moon on January 6

During the peak of this Full Moon, the Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn, and the Moon in the sign of Cancer.

The Full Moon on the Cancer/Capricorn axis determines tremendous changes in a person s life. From the depths of matter to the heights of perfection.

The sign of Cancer creates a cosy atmosphere, envelops with its sensuality, and makes a person vulnerable even to meaningless financial losses. It solidifies our habits by locking them behind a thick door with a secure lock so that no one disturbs the peace of our small world.

The energy of Capricorn knocks us out of the habitual course of life and directs us to move to the peaks of perfection.

This Full Moon gives wisdom and insight, strengthens intuition, proposes dreams, and makes it possible to conduct a great job with your subconscious.

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Lilith transits into Leo on January 8 and will stay there until October 3, 2023

Moving in the sign of Leo, the Black Moon Lilith will influence not only on the representatives of the sign of Leo but also on general global processes.

Lilith will open the wounds of vanity and ego. Although with great reluctance but you ll have to admit defeat and compromise in some situations, overcoming the obstructions of a painful Ego.

Someone will have to get rid of the idea that he is the most beautiful, the most intelligent, and the most worthy.

When Lilith moves in Leo, royal castles collapse and kings are overthrown.

Despite the intensity of the personality struggles, this is a wonderful period for inner work.

When Lilith is in Leo the following businesses may struggle: entertainment, animation, and the restaurant business.

The representatives of the sign of Leo and those who have planets in this sign in their charts should pay utmost attention to this period.

Mars is stationary from January 9 until January 18

During this period, avoid important issues, negotiations, the beginning of something new, long trips, moving, and changing your job.

Mars goes direct in Gemini on January 12

Mars continues to move on Gemini during the entire January. Its transition into direct movement will set a new activity in communication. It will increase the total amount of movements and trips. It will create more sense of purpose in communication and establishing new contacts.

Mars in Gemini is friendly enough and is up to an exchange of opinions. It adds brightness to communication.

In Gemini, Mars enhances intelligence but makes speech more hurried and promotes rash actions.

Such a Mars favours the following activities: short-distance trips, solving commercial issues, contracts for the supply of goods, dealing with the registration of equipment issues, moving, delivery of goods, and repair of equipment.

Mercury is stationary from January 17 until January 20

Don t plan to purchase tickets or submit important documents for this period. It s not advised to schedule important meetings, and negotiations, request money withdrawals from a bank, apply for a loan, or start new activities.

Mercury goes direct in Capricorn on January 18

Mercury in Capricorn makes it possible to structurally approach the question of resolving various kinds of problems.

This time is favourable for planning, designing, analysing, organising knowledge, and creating a sequence of actions.

Such a Mercury increases sense of purpose, makes it possible to focus on the goal, and makes efforts to achieve it.

The period is good for establishing a new daily routine, distributing responsibilities and roles, creating a work schedule, and selecting experts for your team.

Uranus is stationary in Taurus from January 19 until January 27

At this time, It s better not to buy airline tickets. Buying electronic equipment during this period is not recommended. Be careful with electrical appliances.

The Sun transits in the sign of Aquarius on January 20

On this day, the Sun turns on the energies of the Aquarius sign for the next month and will let freedom, originality, the desire for collective interaction, responsibility for the people surrounding us, freedom of thought, and independence into the common space.

This position of the Sun will contribute to the development of leadership qualities in a non-standard way through esotericism, astrology, and creative manifestation.

The New Moon in Aquarius on January 21

The main task for this New Moon will be shaping the ability to interact in a team.

The sign of Aquarius carries the spirit of freedom, promotes the ability to find non-standard solutions, and helps to cooperate and responsibly approach the common goal.

When building relationships in small groups of people, it s important to rely on the mutual understanding and respect of all participants.

Individualism may suffer a little during this period and result in an undesirable effect on group work.

This New Moon is wonderful for making big plans, launching projects, and setting ambitious goals.

The Chinese Year of the Rabbit starts on January 22

The Rabbit will symbolize the exit from the Yang pressure of the Tiger and transfer the entire world to the stage of diplomacy.

This year will be full of Yin energies and promises to be more calm and more intuitive.

This is a year of negotiations with the chance to come to an agreement, both at the global and individual levels.

Uranus goes direct in Taurus on January 23

A new round of reforms in the economy and the financial sector begins at this time.

There may be news in the following spheres: ecology, logistics, automotive industry, and agriculture.

Venus transits in the sign of Pisces on January 27

Venus in Pisces invites romanticism, sensuality, empathy, and compassion.

With such a position of the planet, you need to develop your creativity, immerse yourself in art, read poetry, and fill yourself with beauty.

This position of Venus favours nature walks, contact with harmony, classical music, sounds of nature, and calm rhythms.

This is a good time for creating romantic style and buying cosmetics and beautiful and exquisite things.

This is a favourable period for painters, poets, musicians, and artists.

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