Full Moon on January 6, 2023

The Full Moon will occur on January 6 at 11:07 P.M. UTC.

During the peak of this Full Moon, the Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn, and the Moon in the sign of Cancer.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

The Full Moon on the Cancer/Capricorn axis determines tremendous changes in a person s life. From the depths of matter to the heights of perfection.

The sign of Cancer creates a cosy atmosphere, envelops with its sensuality, and makes a person vulnerable even to meaningless financial losses. It solidifies our habits by locking them behind a thick door with a secure lock so that no one disturbs the peace of our small world.

The energy of Capricorn knocks us out of the habitual course of life and directs us to move to the peaks of perfection.

Determining the peaks of your perfection in Capricorn, you can indicate not only the direction but also the amount of effort and will you need to achieve it.

The energy of this Full Moon

The main point of tension of this Full Moon is subjectivism, which can complicate our understanding of reality. How to distribute money, where to invest and where not, who to communicate with, and who to stay away from.

On this day, the Black Moon is in the final degrees of the sign of Cancer, from where it will transit in the sign of Leo on January 8.

At the very moment of the Full Moon, the Black Moon will be in conjunction with Aludra, the star of Canis Major. This star will send a kind of message to move towards serving humanity through intellectual comprehension of the global structures and the establishment of information channels that allow us to bring the period of happiness and prosperity on Earth closer. Or, at a low level, it can give way to narrow dogmatism, unnecessary sacrifice, and fanaticism.

Uranus will help to overcome subjectivism and choose the right path. It will bring original ideas and creative solutions, give us an understanding at a higher level, and promote understanding through the study of esotericism, numerology, astrology, other symbolic systems, and other cultures and languages, including programming languages.

This Full Moon allows you to find harmony in the relationship with your partner and establish friendly relationships and a balance inside yourself.

The energy of the Full Moon gives wisdom and insight, strengthens intuition, proposes dreams, and makes it possible to conduct a great job with your subconscious.

At this time, it s good to set up your mind to ambitious plans and big projects.

For some people, this will be the time to reach a higher level.

The representatives of the signs of Cancer and Capricorn will be the most sensitive to the energies of this Full Moon.

For Aquarians, Pisces and Aries, this will be the time of spiritual renewal, creativity, new ideas, and plans.

For Gemini, this will be the period of amicable establishment of contacts and time of action.

For Taurus, this will be the time to find new solutions in their activities.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from January 5 until January 9, 2023.

Traditionally, it s recommended to find time for meditation and other spiritual practices during this period.

At this time, it s good to get rid of tangible and emotional attachments and habits.

You need to plan your achievements and make a clear plan for overcoming your internal and external obstacles with the help of creative work, original ideas, and a non-standard way of thinking about yourself.

During this period, heaven will give enough love, understanding, and compassion, so it ll be possible to forgive many offences and free yourself and others.

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