Astrological forecast for May 2022

On May 2, Venus transits in the sign of Aries

And it will stay there until May 28.

This position of Venus increases impulsiveness and passion when it comes to showing one s feelings. Determination appears and it becomes easier to confess your feelings.

There may appear a desire for new contacts. This time is favorable for making a new romantic interest.

This position of Venus also increases selfishness, self-love, and jealousy.

Until May 15, Neptune and Jupiter are in conjunction in the sign of Pisces

This is a good time for accumulating positive and harmonious energy inside you.

It s advised to pay attention to meditation, trips to nature and the development of your cordiality.

Until May 10, Mercury is in direct motion in Gemini

With this position of Mercury, it s easy to learn, communicate, get acquainted, establish new contacts, negotiate, and deal with trade and commercial issues.

It becomes easier to process information from different sources.

Also, moving to another house and a change of scenery may be easier during this time.

Since May 10, Mercury is in retrograde motion in Gemini

During the period of Mercury retrograde in Gemini, it s advised to analyse your contacts, and business affairs, and review agreements.

At this time, it s good to review what you have previously learned, and remember past relationships and your communication habits.

It is good to review the knowledge that you have, discard the unnecessary and insignificant things, and separate the wheat from the chaff .

At this time, try to avoid information overload, especially when it comes to new information. Also, it s not the best time to look for new contacts or partners.

On May 11, Jupiter transits in the sign of Aries

This position of Jupiter increases ambition, self-confidence, and the need to reach new heights and conquer new spaces.

However, it will be easy to work too hard at this time, and as a result, burnout is possible.

During the transition of Jupiter through the sign of Aries, it may be difficult to cooperate or participate in teamwork.

There will be a need for personal improvement and promotion of one s business.

Full Moon on May 16, 2022

At his time, the Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio, and the Sun will be in the sign of Taurus.

On this day, a total lunar eclipse occurs also.

During this Full Moon, we learn to work with our desires. The desire is fulfilled if it is lived or sincerely let go.

We can learn to understand the nature of our desire and see how much power it has over us, obscuring the clarity of vision.

In Buddhism, this Full Moon is associated with the birthday, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. As you know, the Buddha became an absolutely enlightened being and achieved full awakening.

From May 23 until June 3, Mercury retrograde in Taurus

This is a good time to analyse the financial side of your life. It s recommended to seriously think about the number of unnecessary expenses you make.

At this time, you should be especially attentive when it comes to buying real estate or land. It s not advised to hire builders and lay the foundation.

This period is favourable for calculating the expenditure part in different areas of your life.

This is a good time for analysing your desires and assessing if they are real and what is the cost of achieving them.

Until May 25, Mars is in the sign of Pisces

Here, Mars won t allow us to act fully. The activity will be of a more chaotic nature. It can be difficult to focus on achieving the intended goal.

Before acting, there may be hesitation to do or not to do. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide to do something.

However, effective activities based on inspiration are possible.

In such a period, it s better to keep looking, hatching your ideas, and tuning in to them.

On May 25, Mars transits in the sign of Aries

This is the time when you need to start acting decisively.

In such a period, will, strength, and determination increase.

There will be energy for implementing plans.

Such Mars is good for starting new activities, relationships, and cycles of physical activity.

The irrepressible force of active Mars should be directed to various activities of a positive nature: sports, active recovery, and purposeful activity.

On May 28, Venus transits in the sign of Taurus, its domicile sign

Such a Venus adds kindness and courtesy. The whole sensual sphere becomes more comfortable.

At this time, all you need is love .

Feelings will be more gentle, there will be a need for taking care.

At this time, it s advised to harmoniously pay attention to both your loved ones and yourself, equally.

New Moon on May 30, 2022

During this New Moon, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Gemini.

The New Moon in Gemini makes it possible to establish harmonious relationships, expand your social circle, and find new opportunities for cooperation.

Gemini raises the problems of duality and helps us to see contradictions that come from this notion.

This New Moon is good for actions and initiatives. There will be an opportunity to express yourself.

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