Astrological forecast for February 2022

The New Moon in Aquarius is on February 1

The New Moon will occur at 5:45 A.M. UTC

The personal counteracts the public. We need to find a balance between the I and the Not-I.

There will be an opportunity to feel yourself following your own flow in a large public field.

It is worth paying attention to the formation of an internal creative flow.

The year of the Water Tiger starts from February 1

Tiger loves risk, excitement, game. He will support those who like to take risks. However, for implementing all sorts of risky activities, the Tiger demands you to be prepared.

Venus is in Capricorn in February

The aspects of Venus in early February increase the level of requests. There may be more wishes and the desire to implement them.

Along with the increase in requests, the state of joy and satisfaction with what you have also increases.

At this time, it will be easy to appreciate the little things. There will appear an ability to be in a state of satisfaction in any life situation.

There will be a chance to establish good personal relationships.

Since mid-February, involvement in public life will be increasing. The ability to be inspired and inspire others will grow.

At this time, you should not get carried away too much because you may be distracted from the perception of the real picture of the world.

Also, the destruction of illusions can be easily perceived.

There will appear an opportunity to relax and enjoy. You may be able to enjoy everything you do and what you put your heart and soul into.

Mars is in Capricorn in February

In the first half of February, the aspects of Mars will increase self-confidence. Self-esteem grows as well. An ability to appreciate your achievements and your work will appear.

At this time, an active life position can help to protect one s interests.

The energy to be effective in changing conditions, creating something non-standard and non-traditional will appear.

At this time, it will be easy to see alternatives and find unusual solutions. The desire to radically change your life may increase.

Since mid-February, the conviction in the supreme value of one s ideas will be increasing. It may seem that the actions are always right, regardless of what is written in the laws. An illusion that all our actions are justified by a higher meaning may appear as well.

Mars is in conjunction with Venus in Capricorn since February 4 and until the end of the month

The conjunction of Mars and Venus will impact all spheres of our life.

Venus will determine our desires and Mars will strive to implement them. The combination of impulsivity and attractiveness will help to achieve what we crave.

The conjunction of these planets in the sign of Capricorn makes it possible to move systematically towards the one intended goal. The only important thing here is to choose the most desirable object. Capricorn is not prone to spontaneity and inconsistency, it is a very thoughtful sign, so the goals should be clearly defined.

At this time, it will be easy to determine the sphere of your desires. It s good to write them all down in order to see the most attractive ones at the moment. You don t have to implement them all at once or wait for them to be implemented. It is better to work on the most important thing at this time.

The strength that helps to deal with your situation appears. Happiness with what you are doing increases. It will be more difficult to stay objective since our minds will be guided only to the direction of our desires.

At this time, it will become more difficult to understand the others, there will be a lot of stubbornness and a desire to stand one s ground.

Mercury in Capricorn on February 4-15

During this period, the aspects of Mercury give creative and flexible thinking. It s a good time for writing, it becomes easy to build a connection between different topics.

At this time, it is easier to understand the person you communicate with and have a successful dialogue. Intuition is enhanced. However, there may be a certain amount of uncertainty and self-doubt.

The period of mid-February is good for financial transactions, trade affairs and negotiations. When making financial transactions, it is better to rely not on calculations only but on intuition as well.

The Full Moon is on February 16

This Full Moon will bring difficulty in self-expression and creativity. The personal side can counteract the public one.

Mercury is in Aquarius from February 15 to March 10

In such a position of the planet, technical visionary is enhanced. There may appear a need to travel abroad.

At this time, the boundaries for the development of one s talent disappear.

The ease in communication appears. It becomes easier to make new acquaintances and express yourself when working in a team.

During this period, you can direct your attention to future achievements. Digging into the past at this time is not worth it. It is better to think positively about your future.

In such a position of the planet, any restrictions will be difficult to perceive. In the last week of February, an excessive manifestation of freedom is possible. It may be difficult to negotiate and comply with the regime and rules. Freethinking and revolutionary mood will be increasing. It may be difficult to recognize the authorities this week.

Jupiter is in Pisces

Jupiter s position in February and its aspects endow the month with optimism, a joy to live and the opportunity to enjoy what you have.

In February, Jupiter increases the creative flow. It helps to invent and explore. It increases interest in new things, including the spheres of technology and art. At this time, you can upgrade your house, buy electronic appliances, automate a daily routine.

Aspects of Jupiter bring a vital spark and increase the spirit of adventure and adventurism. They will awaken interest in the new.

At the end of February, the interest in public activities will grow. There will be an opportunity to expand the spheres of influence. At this time, you can start promoting your projects.

Saturn is in Aquarius

Until February 5, the Saturn aspects will still cause some pressure and struggle between the old and the new. For the rest of the month, its impact promises to be quite mild.

When in Aquarius, Saturn increases social responsibility.

Dreams acquire clear contours and can be shaped in the form of a plan. This is a good time to shape and design your projects and plans. In this situation, much can be seen clearly and precisely.

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