Astrological forecast for November 2023

In early November, the sky will present quite complex aspects. They will intensify the struggle of ambitions, provoke conversations in a raised voice, and give rise to fierce competition for a place in the sun.

The aspects of the month will increase impulsiveness and aggressiveness, which may show unexpectedly and abruptly.

Diplomatic and ethical matters may become complicated, making it difficult to come to agreements. Feelings may be suppressed due to false information and misinterpretation of what s happening.

From November 6, the challenging aspects will start to diverge but continue to influence us throughout the whole month, gradually decreasing in intensity level.

Unexpected changes may occur in travelling, business trips, and business during this month.

During this period, it s advisable to pay attention to our means of transportation and electronic and mechanical equipment.

From November 8, our inner sense of tact and harmony, focus on beauty, broadening horizons, poetry, art, including intellectual thoughts on things above, will help us. Creativity, the ability to perceive beauty in nature and capture it in photos, intuition, and going with the flow will also contribute to a harmonious life.

Saturn stationary from November 1 to November 8

During this period, matters related to obligations, the law, authority, and regulatory and controlling bodies may slow down.

It s not advisable to conduct inspections, audits, quality control, purchase real estate, or initiate construction during stationary Saturn. Avoid dealing with important matters in government institutions and submitting applications to authorities.

Saturn will go direct in Pisces from November 4

During Saturn s movement through Pisces, past fears, resentments, and painful memories may resurface.

At the same time, this position of Saturn offers the opportunity to methodically address our inner insecurities, emotional issues, and resentments.

It enhances our intuition, gives us the ability to manage financial resources wisely, and promotes the development of inner character traits. It also helps individuals break free from illusions and hidden influences.

This position of Saturn brings to the surface everything illegal, hidden, unclear, and secret, both within a person and externally.

Venus enters the sign of Libra on November 8

It will remain there until December 4, 2023.

Venus in Libra encourages an appreciation for art, creativity, beauty, diplomacy, and tact.

When Venus moves through this sign, it s good to visit museums, theatres, or exhibitions and purchase personal beauty products, beautiful items for interior decor, and cosmetics.

This time should be devoted to beauty procedures and filling both our internal and external lives with harmony, beauty, and aesthetics.

Our sense of the beautiful and the sublime will be heightened.

Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 10

It will remain there until December 1, 2023.

Mercury in Sagittarius activates idealism and stimulates an interest in philosophy and religion.

During this period, we may feel inclined to connect with spiritual mentors or other authoritative figures who possess extensive knowledge and mastery in their fields.

This position of Mercury encourages enthusiasm for specific ideas. It helps us address issues related to overseas matters.

It s a good time to communicate with people of different nationalities, establish contacts with them, and share experiences.

Buying quality branded products and antique items is also favourable.

The New Moon in Scorpio is on November 13

Scorpio is a sign of transformation and the shedding of everything that has outlived its purpose.

In this sign, we have the task of recognising our dark aspects and also working on them. At the very least, we have to acknowledge and accept them.

The energy of the New Moon brings eccentricity and heightens the tendency toward extravagant and non-standard actions. It awakens the spirit of revolution and protest and ignites a desire to break free and transcend our limitations.

At the same time, the energies of the planets bring a lot of energy and willpower, which can be directed towards overcoming significant obstacles that require significant efforts.

When planning during this New Moon, we should pay attention to the situations that arise on the day of the New Moon and the day before.

The Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 22

It will remain there until December 22, 2023.

The Sun in Sagittarius instils optimism, idealism, and joy.

During this time, it will be easy to become inspired by positive ideas and make significant progress.

With this position of the Sun, it is advisable to draw inspiration from high ideals and set our future goals based on them.

Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 24

Mars in Sagittarius enhances our ability to move toward our goals and achieve good results in our fields and sports.

Optimism and a desire to expand our horizons increase. The need to move toward our ideals and live by our personal philosophy grows.

There will be an increased interest in the lives of celebrities and authoritative figures.

Adventurousness, assertiveness, energy, and ambition will also be amplified.

It is a favourable time for doing business with foreign companies, selling luxury items, and promoting ourselves as a professional.

The Full Moon is on November 27

The Sun will be in Sagittarius, and the Moon will be in Gemini.

During this Full Moon, we can set goals, create intentions, and pave the way for new dimensions.

It will be crucial to set more ambitious goals and focus on them.

During this Full Moon, the mind will be susceptible to subjectivity and idealism, making it easy to be deceived and misled by fantasies.

We must be attentive to our expenses, documents, and securities.

During this Full Moon, it is advisable to focus on inner work, getting rid of old habits and negative programs.

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