Astrology forecast for June 2021 - monthly Horoscope

New Moon and Eclipse on June 10, 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini until June 23

It s not advised to start new business, make acquaintances, sign important documents, deal with securities, purchase new things during Mercury retrograde.

It s better to improve old relationships, restore connections, finish reports, put documents and working place (desktop) in order.

This time is good for restoring previously acquired knowledge in your memory.

If there are some things or documents lost, they might be found during this period.

You should recheck any information that you will be getting during this time.

It s recommended to take into account that some arrangements could be changed or canceled during this time, that s why you should consider possible risks.

Venus in Cancer on June 2-27

Such a position of Venus increases sensitivity, make perceptiveness toward other people s opinion grow. A necessity of approval and desire to get support (especially from the loved ones) might increase.

It s good to devote the period of such a Venus to the house by improving the interior and design, by bringing beauty and coziness to it.

When creating an external image, you get a possibility to feel the materials and details of clothing on a more subtle level, distinguish the texture of the fabrics and feel what suits you and what doesn t.

Emotions are experienced deeper and more subtle at this time. That s why it s recommended to protect yourself and your loved ones from harsh remarks.

Sentimentality, need for emotional relations and sincerity increase. You may want to have something real in the feelings.

During this period, the sensitivity of Venus is better to direct for analyzing your nature, the more subtle formation of your soul. This is a wonderful time for a deeper work with yourself.

Financial aspect is unstable at this time, therefore, you should pay special attention to your expenses.

Mars in Leo from June 11

The transition of Mars into the sign of Leo brings a desire for active actions.

Determination and endurance increase at this period.

This period is beneficial for doing sports, hiking, mountain climbing.

The position of Mars in Leo increases the desire to look brighter and more attractive.

Ambitiousness and self-confidence also grow.

It s easy to take leadership roles during this period, show your generosity and magnanimity.

 It s better to take energy and passion into your hands and balance them.

Jupiter transits into retrograde motion in Pisces on June 20 

It will be in such a motion until October 18, 2021.

Jupiter transits into retrograde motion in its domicile, directing the energy of its influence on internal processes more.

Due to such a motion, there might be more insights and understandings. The mind becomes more philosophical and attuned to thinking about the meaning of life. Such a position raises our soulfulness to the surface.

It might be difficult to implement the ideas during this period, because the mind is constantly thinking and looking for truth. Doubts increase, and many questions arise.

The social activity is less supervised by the patronizing gaze of Jupiter during this time.

The activity related to tourism, traveling abroad and international agreements slows down. There might be difficulties in the educational sphere, as in the legislative and legal areas as well.

Neptune starts its retrograde motion in Pisces on June 25

It will stay in this sign until December 1, 2021.

Such a period of Neptune retrograde provides favorable opportunities for spiritual and inner growth.

This period is wonderful for practices, self-discovery, meditations, yoga, and deepening your creativity.

This time is good for writing down your dreams, creating artistic projects filled with something extraordinary, unusual. You can go deeper in your practices and art.

It s important to avoid taking strong drugs, any medicine that change your state, alcohol during this period.

It s recommended to keep the balance between the spiritual and the material.

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