Astrological forecast for February 2021

Venus will be in Aquarius from February 1 to February 25

Being in this position, Venus brings friendliness and ease of communication, decreasing the common emotional heat. An easiness in communication might appear.

This is a good period for new connections, although Mercury's position points to the a better chance of meeting old friends.

Until February 21 it's advisable to meet with old friends and acquaintances.

New meetings that will bring productive results are better to schedule since February 22.

In this position of Venus it's very good to start looking for partners both on the side and among friends and acquaintances.

Although, it's better not to go further pre-negotiation phase and projects making. After February 22 the time for serious negotiations starts.

Since February 25 Venus is in the sign of Pisces, where it will stay until March 21

This aspect creates a milder, more sensual, loving and friendly atmosphere.

This is a perfect time for dating, meetings, starting friendship and for art.

During this period Venus develops gentleness, sensitivity and depth in people.

At this time sensibility is growing in general, and one should be cautious and careful dealing with the situations involving strong emotions.

This period is good for getting closer with people, especially with children.

This position of Venus is favorable for developing imagination.

Until February 21 Mercury retrograde will be in Aquarius

This position of Mercury is beneficial for summing up, making conclusions, revising old material, meeting with old friends, and for any regular affairs.

During this period it's good to get rid of old stuff, and finish what was started. New, expensive and important purchases and deals are better to avoid.

From February 21 Mercury leaves the retrograde motion and enters the sign of Pisces, where it will stay until March 16

Concrete knowledge and calculation can be more difficult with this position of Mercury. Intuitive perception of information works better.

This or that understanding can come from the depths.

It's a good time to travel, especially by sea.

When conducting negotiations, it is easier to be diplomatic and prudent, it is more difficult to calculate everything.

During this period, it is easy to change jobs and adapt to new conditions and the working team.

It is easier to understand what others want from you.

Imagination works well. This is a great time for musicians and writers, and a good time for cosmetologists and programmers.

This period favors working with foreigners, teachers and lawyers.

Starting from February 21, the influence of the sign of Pisces will be strengthened by the position of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune and then Venus

This position will give a lot of creative, sensual energy.

It will be easier to create an atmosphere of love and goodwill, to show compassion and understanding to others. Intuition will strengthen.

At this time everything you plan should be measured with your feelings.

During this period it will be difficult to think within the framework of the usual. The mind becomes more flexible and fluid.

This is a good time for creative people, and for showing a creative approach in all spheres of life.

However, such a position of the planets can strengthen the sphere of feelings so much that in some cases it will be able to give a lot of emotions, tears and inner experiences.

At this time, it is worth paying attention to how we understand and express love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion.

This period will bring the need for change, and at least something, but you will need to change, for example, rearrange the furniture.

For those that are habitual, it will be stereotypically difficult to withstand the planetary pressure.

At this time, it is important to show flexibility, be more accommodating and more attentive to others. But do not be too pliant during this period, it is important to rely on your worldview. In this situation there is a danger of becoming too softy, giving help where not asked or manipulating, using the kindness of others, resulting in a waste of energy and exhaustion.

Uranus and Saturn Square

The entire month of February will be accompanied by a tense aspect between the giant planets Uranus and Saturn.

Uranus, as the personification of everything new, original, unusual and unconventional, will be in conflict with the orthodox, established, traditional.

New ideas, plans and opportunities will still run into obstacles. But this collision will give us an opportunity to go back and review what we want to implement.

It will be important to find the "golden mean" from an intuitive level. At this time it is important to listen to yourself, pay attention to the emotional state and learn to distinguish which emotions are good, they give strength and energy, and which are empty and destructive. Where only the mind works, and where the heart also turns on.

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