Full Moon in Capricorn

Full moon when Sun in Capricorn

During a full moon in Capricorn it is favorable to search for a high meaning of life.
The energy of Capricorn awakes our spiritual aspiration. The connection with a Divine is the most powerful.
A full moon in Capricorn is a favorable period to complete certain processes, to destroy outdated forms and to start new cycles.
It is recommended to meditate, to pray, to read spiritual literature and the hagiography, to think of the Meaning of life.

About Capricorn sign

Capricorn is very material and practical sign which expresses a peak development of forms.
Earth energy of Capricorn is the most powerful all the other Zodiac signs.
Capricorn is a triumph of material, it reaches the most concrete aspects. After a triumph of material comes a triumph of Spirit.
Capricorn goes for the perfection, mastery and maximum expression of form.
The energy of Capricorn is characterized with insistence, thoroughness and promotes realization of ideas.
From one hand Capricorn gives secure foothold on the earth and aspiration to get the peaks of the world and from the other hand gives spiritual aspiration as a main need.
Capricorn is a sign of spiritual Teacher but also it represents confirmed egoist.
In a harmonious case it is a spiritual search of self-assured man.
Capricorn is a sign of completion. In a crystallized form, on the peak of a mountain, is a seed of destruction. Nature of earth transforms to the nature of air.
Under this sign old cycles of efforts are completed and new one starts.
Capricorn controls a transition on the upper level.
In a human body Capricorn is connected with knees, movable joints, skin and bones.
Keywords for Capricorn are crystallization, peak and triumph.
Ruler of Capricorn is Saturn.

Details about the Zodiac sign Capricorn