Full Moon on August 31, 2023

The Full Moon will occur on August 31 at 1:35 A.M. UTC.

On this Full Moon, the Sun will be in the sign of Virgo, and the Moon will be in the Sign of Pisces.

A supermoon will occur during this Full Moon. It will be possible to observe a particularly bright Moon in the starry sky.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

This Full Moon helps us see the meaning of what we are doing.

We can divide all our affairs into two categories meaningless and those that make sense.

We learn to see something more important than simple activities in our daily routine.

We can find that anything done with love becomes important, becomes easier and simpler.

We can find out that anything we do with love becomes important, and it s easier and simpler to do.

We can understand that the most important thing is not the speed and amount of finished tasks, but their quality and how we do it.

With any routine activity, we learn to put our soul and attention into what we do.

The energy of this Full Moon

The energy of this Full Moon can awake a false image of ourselves and impossible desires and make us fall under temptation.

It can be difficult to relax both emotionally and physically.

Desires rise to the surface and there may be many of them, which makes it difficult to choose the true one.

A strong will, the ability to overcome any obstacles, and endurance will help to move forward during this Full Moon and achieve our goals.

This is a time of innovative ideas, introducing novelty into projects, independence, and moving forward.

A lot of new thoughts and ideas can come to us at this time.

This is a good time for studying, starting new projects, launching products, communicating with reputable people, solving issues with documents, negotiations, research, creative writing, and establishing new business connections and contacts.

During this period, it is favourable to reconnect with old friends and finish what you had not enough time for in the past. It s also good to revise what you ve learned, conduct research, write books, and give expert speeches.

There may be issues in romantic relationships due to a lack of understanding of what exactly we want.

This Full Moon is not the best time for buying and selling beauty products, taking art classes, going on holidays, and visiting a beauty salon.

Those who have planets in the signs of Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Leo, and Libra and at the beginning of Aquarius and the end of Capricorn will be the most sensitive to the energy of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from August 29 to September 2, 2023.

This is the period when we need to act (even through showing our will and pressure), overcome obstacles, and make efforts.

This time is actively connected with studying.

There may be a desire to change the traditional education system to online studying because of our desire to get more freedom.

The pursuit of freedom will be one of the key moments during this period.

During this period, it will be easier to deal with high-pressure situations and do a large amount of work. It s also possible to enhance sports performance training.

Strength and balance exercises will be especially beneficial. It is important to have an adequate attitude to your capabilities and not overload yourself beyond measure.

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