New Moon on June 29, 2022

The New Moon will occur on June 29, 2022, at 02:52 A.M. UTC.

During this New Moon, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Cancer.

The new lunar month will last until July 28, 2022.

The main meanings of this New Moon

This New Moon makes us focus on our ability to see the bright side of life while being caught in a sea of circumstances.

And it turns out that neither having materialistic goods nor positive emotions can help much in this.

During this New Moon, the stars show us accumulated distortions related to the wrong use of our resources, distortions in the understanding of materialistic principles, abandoning your kin, and the concept of mother, family, and kinship.

It s important to understand that values are instilled in the family, in the kin. This is how your kin gains strength and gives benefits to all generations.

And this is no longer a hint, but a firm statement that is transmitted to us from above. It indicates the need to return to the right principles and follow them without hesitation.

The energy of this New Moon

The energy of this New Moon activates the karma accumulated by humanity with all its power.

It intensifies our emotional level, expands and distorts our ambitions, and strengthens our authoritarianism.

It expands our inner activity but blocks the outer one.

During this New Moon, it can be difficult to express yourself and your ideas. Limiting circumstances can cause a feeling of pressure inside.

Friendship, joint creativity, beauty, art, and music will help. The ability to negotiate and make clear plans, defining the terms of the contract and sticking to your promises will be helpful too.

Any activity will be successful if you comply with the agreements, the law and the rules, and act dynamically and consistently, without trying to expand your ambitions, influence, or dynamics way too much.

This New Moon is good for studying, passing exams, and applying to universities. It s a great time for intellectual activity, where structure, consistency and a systematic approach are necessary.

At this time, information can be absorbed easily and naturally.

The overall mood can be quite friendly. However, it s important not to fall under emotional pressure, both inside and outside, and try to keep track of your thoughts, especially when certain experiences surface.

If you feel seized by the worries about how to keep living, you can use the energy of new opportunities that the planets give us.

Planning during this New Moon

Before setting ambitious goals on this New Moon, all actions have to be considered.

It s important to know that many details and nuances should be taken into account when planning.

It s important to understand that when you agree to something you will have to respect the terms of this agreement. Therefore, before giving your consent, you need to consider all pros and cons and see if it s within your strength and capabilities to do something.

Starting new projects and making unprepared self-presentations are not recommended during this New Moon. It s better to finish the already launched projects and outline the details of their implementation.

It s great to work with creative projects. There may be new ideas and luck in the following spheres: beauty, fashion design, art, fashion, and cosmetics.

You can plan to learn something new and grasp both new information and the one that has been difficult to understand in the past.

During this New Moon, the analysis of a current situation and the ability to find the right solution can be easy.

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