New Moon in Libra - September 28, 2019

The New Moon on September 28, 2019 occurs at 18:26 UTC.

During this New Moon the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Libra.

The energy of Libra will set the tone of whole lunar month.

Main features of Libra sign:

This sign carries the task of balancing opposites, establishing harmony in different areas of our lives.

In this sign we can commensurate relations with a partner and at work, the expenditure of energy on activities and a rest, reframe our values, evaluate our worldview and compare expenses and incomes.

Also, in this sign we are faced with the task of choosing own path.

Preparing for planning:

It is important when planning to tune in to your Soul and try to feel what really needs to be realized and what is not.

It is advisable planning the coming month not go beyond the scope of the possible and the real, and set the bar higher only where we feel the strength to rise to a new level.

All exaggerations in the plans will be cut off by life one way or another, so it is better to abandon the excess in advance.

On the eve of New Moon, you can formulate your goals and dreams, and at a key point to release out this thought form.

When setting goals try to be guided not by momentary feelings and desires, but by real needs of your Soul.

Planning for the lunar month:

When you planning for the coming month, commensurate it with moral and divine laws.

Also, it is important to set the value system correctly.

The energy of the New Moon will set us up to carefully check what you are doing, down to the smallest detail.

This lunar month it will be important not to fuss, but to strive to do your job well.

Tasks of the upcoming lunar month are:

 A deeper understanding of reality, the correct manifestation of initiative, the ability to overcome obstacles, the manifestation of responsibility, adequacy in partnerships, the ability to work in pair keeping own center.

When planning try to control your mind, do not succumb to desires of excessive wealth.

Also, it would be nice to plan a creative activity.

The key task of this month will be to find the integrity of self through the proper prioritization and balance in various areas of your life.