New Moon in Capricorn on December 26, 2019

The New Moon on December 26, 2019 occurs at 5:13 A.M. UTC.

This time the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn, and annular solar eclipse will occurs also.

We will receive an impulse from the Capricorn not only for the upcoming lunar month, but for the entire coming year also.

The meanings of this New Moon

The energy of Capricorn gives the possibility to realize your goals, tasks and desires in the life.

Also, Capricorn teaches us to overcome difficulties in achieving the desired and be patience.

The energy of this New Moon

This is last New Moon in this year and most important. And the eclipse gives it even greater meaning.

It is desirable to be especially attentive to all events occurring during this period (three days before the New Moon and three days after).

It is also advisable to observe yourself, your thoughts, desires and reactions. It would be great to make records of all is happening.

On the day of New Moon try to be in harmony. Tune in to your soul, let it guide you.

The energies of stars give an opportunity for us to grow spiritually and expand worldview. And internal growth inevitably contributes to external expand.

New Moon planning

Planning for this New Moon should be as thorough and thoughtful as possible.

Pay attention to normalization of your relations with government and law.

On this New Moon you can plan long-term and fundamental projects and programs of your development.

This is good time for the tasks of self-realization, self-improvement,  self-development, as well as overcoming your own shortcomings and limitations.

It would be nice to pay attention to the disclosure and development of their own talents.

Think about what you should get rid first in order to carry out your plan.

Carefully analyze the distribution of your time, energy, opportunities, resources and give up everything that are currently beyond our capabilities.

Be happy !