New Moon in Capricorn on December 23, 2022

The New Moon will occur on December 23, 2022, at 10:16 A.M. UTC.

During this New Moon, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn.

The new lunar month will last until January 21, 2023.

The main meanings of this New Moon

The sign of Capricorn marks the height we want to climb.

Each person has his own tasks and heights that he wants to achieve.

Capricorn doesn t promise easy ways. Its road is winding, rocky, and mountainous, where the goal is lost behind the tops of the trees.

In Capricorn, we define the highest task for ourselves and create strategic planning to achieve it. We define how much time and effort we need to overcome all obstacles.

Here we are trying to understand what efforts we ll have to make and what self-restrictions and austerities we ll have to impose on our path.

The energy of this New Moon

This New Moon allows us to make creative, non-standard, and large-scale decisions. There will be an opportunity to show your worth in a creative and unusual manner.

During this New Moon, the importance of what we say, how we speak, how we manifest ourselves, and what we spend our resources on sharpens. The demands on oneself and others are increasing.

The relevance of a practical approach to spending and managing money, energy, and time is increasing.

The energy of this New Moon tells us that we need to take our success and achievements under personal control, not relying on luck only.

There may be a desire to make big plans since this is a time of great ambitions.

It s important to keep in mind that there may be an unrealistic idea of yourself and your possibilities. There may appear a desire to achieve a lot without discipline and thinking.

Exaggerated attempts to expand one s activity and sphere of influence may not cause the intended result.

The topics of authority and ambitions will be a painful area during this New Moon. It may result in rejecting the opinions of others, unwillingness to listen to older people, and excessive self-confidence.

Despite the tendency to exaggerate oneself and one s importance, it becomes possible to build trusting and friendly relations with partners if we can listen to the opinion of another person.

This New Moon gives good potential for actors and people who have creative jobs: writers, poets, and researchers.

It enhances imaginative thinking and allows us to implement what we have planned. The influence of speech grows, which is good for speeches and oratory.

This New Moon is good for showing psychological talents, mutual understanding, and the ability to feel the person you speak with.

It becomes possible to dig to the roots and find new information using oblique methods.

This is not the best period to be active and start something new. This New Moon directs us toward communication and making plans.

The most perceptive to this New Moon will be people who have planets in the signs of Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Cancer, and Libra in their charts.

Planning during this New Moon

During this New Moon, we should devote more attention to planning. We need to plan our steps not only for the next lunar month but also for the entire coming year.

Planning is good when it comes to spending resources and the allocation of time.

Issues related to real estate, buying land, and home improvement may be included in the plan.

It s a good time to plan your career growth and promotion.

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