New Moon on May 22, 2020

New Moon on May 22 occurs at 5:38 P.M. UTC.

At this time the Sun and the Moon will be in the sign of Gemini.

Accordingly, the Gemini energy will set a features of upcoming lunar month.

The energy of this New Moon

Gemini teaches us to truly be friends and share experiences.

Teaches to establish correct and honest relationships.

Also, Gemini helps to distinguish truth from untruth, false information from true.

In  Gemini period you can try to understand your duality and variability, to realize your 'lower' and 'higher' Self.

And to learn to gradually identify with your higher self, while accepting and transforming the lower self.

The energy of this New Moon favours to set the vector of our development and education.

Our mind can be heavily overloaded with plans and ideas and it is very  good to try to keep our mind in silence and calm, in an elevated state.

Some conflicts are possible, and they should be taken as lessons for development of the soul.

It is not necessary to go to extremes, it is advisable to resolve conflicts guided by principle of the golden mean.

New Moon Planning

It is important to plan the spiritual vector of your development, as well as your creative activity.

It is advisable to emphasize internal and spiritual development and put material goals into the background.

Tune in to your intuition and try to catch your true inner movement. However, it is important to learn to distinguish between the real and the fictional.

The energy of this New Moon assists to planning for self-development and education.

You may want to change something or move to a new level. In this case, it is worth considering in which direction you would like to do this.

The energy of Gemini facilitates to making of new contacts and development of existing relationships.

It would be nice to reflect about your relationship with loved ones and with other people and partners. Try to understand how you can make your relationship more honest and correct, and how you can develop in this.

For the new lunar month you can plan to expand the circle of your contacts by one way or another.

Think about what you could do for your loved ones to make their life better. It would be good to recall distant relatives.

Do not forget to pay attention to your health and physical activity and include this aspect in your planning for the new lunar month.