New Moon on July 20, 2020

On July 20, 2020 at 5:32 P.M. UTC the New Moon will occur.

During this New Moon the Sun and the Moon will be in sign of Cancer.

This year New Moon happens twice in Cancer, what gives an additional opportunity to tune in the energy of this Sign.

Energy of this New Moon

The energy of Cancer helps to understand what is superfluous and burdensome in our life and what should be excluded from it.

Also, the energy of Cancer helps to adequately evaluate the complexity and real value of their projects.

Cancer is related to mother, upbringing, people, nutrition, agriculture.

The energy of Cancer favours to the shaping and implementation of our plans in life.

The main tasks that this New Moon alludes to are moving towards one’s inner spiritual life, getting rid of the extra burden of materiality and recognizing the depth and difficulty of achieving set goals.

Planetary influence favours to grow and develop of human consciousness.

The mind becomes able to grasp higher ideas.

During New Moon period it is important not to succumb to the pressure of public opinion, which can be negatively disposed towards one or another aspect of society.

It is advisable to pay attention to the comprehension of their things - to get rid of the unnecessary, repair the broken, restore order.

Our home needs to be treated with awareness and respect, and then it will support and inspire us.

New Moon Planning

Try to consider each task that you set on this New Moon from three sides:

1 - Analytically. How much time and other resources need to be spent on implementation of the task, what obstacles can be encountered on the way and how they can be overcome.

2 - To the depth. Here it is important to understand the gravity of this task, its meaning, importance and necessity in our life. How much will have to spend of personal strength on its implementation.

3 - Before embarking on an entire project, try to take a small step in the direction of its implementation. On this small step look, what will be the costs, including mental, as well as problems and consequences.