Full Moon on January 17, 2022

The Full Moon will occur on January 17, 2022 at 11:48 P.M. UTC.

At the time of this Full Moon, the Moon will be in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn.

The main meanings of the Full Moon 

The influence of the signs on this Full Moon gives an opportunity to see the depth of the obstacles that stand in the way of our achievements.

The goal is achieved easily if all the stones are removed from the path.

This Full Moon gives us an opportunity to see what we stumble on. As a rule, failures and disappointments fall to the bottom, and the energy of the Full Moon comes to the rescue, to see it and rise.

On this Full Moon, you can focus on difficult places in work, in communication, in family, in business.

Some issues may become clearer and it will be clear whether to go deeper or whether it s time to put a final point and not go any further.

Under the influence of this Full Moon, it is possible to change your life orientation. The vital importance of certain issues may be revised.

The energy of this Full Moon

The energy of this Full Moon is quite intense and active. A number of astrological events will add intensity to its energy.

There is an increase in intellectual tension on this Full Moon. Energy will need to be given an outlet so that there are no strong internal stresses.

You can discharge energy through achieving internal or external harmony, expressing feelings of love, and helping others.

It is good on this Full Moon to focus your attention on supporting others.

If there is no possibility of harmonious interaction with other people, it is better to spend this time in nature. The period is good for active resting, skiing, dancing, running, brisk walking.

With the harmonious perception of the energies of the Full Moon, the magnetism that allows you to attract attention to yourself and your projects can increase. There is an opportunity to raise your status, to take a senior position, to achieve success in your intended plan.

Household and family matters can absorb most of the energy.

The work takes its course. Breakthroughs are possible in the case of already long-prepared and matured cases.

There could be a desire to engage in self-education, intellectual and pedagogical activities.

At this time it is not necessary to pressure on others, to command, to show excessive self, especially in the family. Show respect for loved ones, seek with them mutual understanding.

At this time the mind gives an opportunity to be original, broad, novel, and open. Introduce new ideas to your projects. However, brainstorming, project discussions, and strategy sessions can be challenging.

Full Moon period

The Full Moon period will last from January 15 to 19.

At this time, be attentive to your health and perform meditative practices. Plan to reach your heights and clear your depths.

It is good to analyze the contacts you had last year, draw conclusions and abandon questionable ones.

On this Full Moon, you can tune in to build harmony in your life materially. See areas of your happiness where you have enough and are already doing well. And to understand how much is necessary for happiness in other areas.

The Full Moon period brings powerful energy for self-development. This time is favorable for liberation from the past, from internal pollution, habits, and stereotypes. So try to find time and opportunity for inner work, remembering the principle Outward is a reflection of Inward .

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