Full Moon on June 14, 2022

The Full Moon on June 14 will occur at 11:51 A.M. UTC.

On this Full Moon, the Moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, and the Sun will be in Gemini.

The main meanings of this Full Moon

During this Full Moon, we learn to build the right relationships with ourselves, with the people around us, and the space around us.

Gemini gives energy to demonstrate the qualities of mutual understanding and cooperation.

The Full Moon gives us the ability to see ourselves as a Soul, and not just as a physical body.

Gemini energy adds to the flexibility of the mind, which helps to realise duality in different pairs of opposites.

The energy of this Full Moon

During this Full Moon, the main tension focuses on the emotional perception of information, which clouds the clarity of understanding.

A powerful information field can put pressure on us, introducing distortion into the perception of the objective world.

At the same time, information can be variable and contradictory. However, it creates an emotional influence at the same time.

You can lower this influence through self-discipline, the ability to pull yourself together and correctly organise your life, and the ability to work in a team where you respect the opinion of your colleagues without being influenced by their emotions.

During this Full Moon, it s better not to argue with anyone, not to get too close to the experiences of other people.

At this time, impatience may increase. The tendency to interrupt others and the inability to listen to the phrase until the end may increase.

It s advised to show self-control and the ability to end the conversations that make you unnecessary emotional.

With the right attitude and lack of involvement in the general information field, you may get lucky with promoting new creative ideas aimed at progress.

During this Full Moon, the activity may be unstable. There may be unexpected turns and changes.

The energy of this Full Moon enhances the power and depth of thought, which allows you to look through the information noise and see only the essential things.

This Full Moon is great for unusual and non-habitual activities, research, scientific experiments, and deep immersion in the material. There may be insights in the research field.

This Full Moon is also good for creativity and self-expression. Here, there may also be unusual or non-standard discoveries.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from June 12 to June 16, 2022.

At this time, it s advised to pay attention to creativity and meditation, explore yourself and your inner state, and analyse your emotions and value system.

Encourage yourself to follow your inner Self, learn how to control your emotions, and develop a sense of beauty.

When it comes to shopping, art, and personal style, we may crave something unusual and non-standard. Therefore, during this period, you can find your unique style and ways of self-expression, which can stay with you for a long time.

During this period, it s important to distinguish friendship and love from acquaintances, so you won t create unhelpful and toxic relationships.

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