Full Moon on October 13, 2019

The Full Moon on October 13, 2019 occurs at 9:07 P.M. by UTC.

At the time of Full Moon the Sun will be in sign of Libra and the Moon will be in sign of Aries.

These two opposite signs define the main meaning of this Full Moon.

The meanings of this Full Moon:

Libra is a sign in which we make a choice. Thanks its influence we can weigh all our important situations. Libra helps us to see what we choose - material or spiritual.

Aries gives us energy for action, for the implementation of our plans. And where we direct this energy also depends on our choice.

Through Libra we carefully evaluate our values in accordance with divine ideas that Aries emanates.

Energy of this Full Moon:

The energy of this Full Moon is difficult, but transformational.

Tense and unexpected events may occur.

This Full Moon carries energies that can close some old topics forever, and push us to a new stage of the development.

We need to try to overcome our fears, stresses and addictions, to be flexibility and follow the divine laws.

The positive aspects of this Full Moon make it possible to express self in creativity.

The Full Moon period and its features:

The Full Moon period starts from two days before and continues two days after the moment of the Full Moon.

During this period it is important to pay attention to everything that happens to you.

Observe which people you meet and what situations arise. Analyze what is happening and draw conclusions.

See how the choice is going on inside you, how and where you are sending energy.

On this time it is especially important to keep the inner world and family hearth.

During this period it is favorable to make a pilgrimage, to visit temples, to read prayers, mantras, holy books and of course to meditate.