New Moon on April 12, 2021

New Moon will occur on April 12, 2021 at 2:30 A.M. UTC.

The Moon and the Sun will be both in the sign of Aries.

The energy of this New Moon will influence us for the whole upcoming lunar month, which will last from April 12 until May 11, 2021.

The main meanings of this New Moon

The appearance of new ideas takes place in the sign of Aries.

It s time to shape the images of the things we are willing to implement in our minds.

We are learning how to organize the processes, ourselves and our lives.

The sign of Aries provides plenty of active and cheerful energy, gives us the festive mood, the feeling of a new beginning. It s important to wisely redistribute this energy by directing it to the mental activity, process of thinking and perception of ideas that will come to mind.

During this New Moon, we can choose the idea that we want to implement, search for the ways of its implementation, after tuning in to it, and gradually build step-by-step way for turning it into reality.

In the sign of Aries, we can understand the sacred meaning of ruining old forms and creating the new ones.

The energy of this New Moon

New Moon that will occur on April 12 is going to be quite energetic.

It brings plenty of activeness with it, strive for implementation of the projects, desire to socialize, to get acquainted with new people, to broaden the projects and boundaries.

This time is beneficial for making actions, for launching new projects, for promoting personal brands and oneself.

It s a favourable time for presentations, for changing job, and starting the one where you can have better potential for personal and professional development.

This New Moon gives energy to transform the personality, to search and to develop a new image of self. The new image can be brighter, more expressive, lively and inspiring. It becomes important to find one s own value and avoid blending in with the crowd.

A deep necessity to change old things and to completely remake them according to new standards might appear.

The energy of New Moon also points to the fact that we continue facing the stereotypes, which are deeply hidden inside ourselves and which should be (and must be) beaten.

The mind becomes sharper, more resourceful during this period; intelligence is increasing. However, the speech might become more abrasive.

The interest in seeing intelligent people awakens. The desire to get acquainted, to socialize more than usual might appear.

The energy of this New Moon boosts the power of convincing. It becomes easier to find the proper words and arguments. Oratory skills improve. However, the chance to enter into a dispute might appear as well. A war of words is most likely to happen.

During this time, one can convince other people without efforts and, at the same time, easily fall for propaganda himself.

Ambitions are growing, it might result in appearance of some kind of authoritativeness and arrogance.

One should avoid self-deception, criticism and hostility towards other people. It s better to be attentive when getting acquainted with new people.

The necessity in getting new information increases. One might want to get to the truth no matter what.

The old things keep conflicting with the new ones. There s still tension existing between them. It s important to look for the balance and find a happy medium.

It s important to avoid illusory beliefs about oneself and to base on actual state of affairs.

People who are born under the signs of Aries (during the period between April 8 and April 16) will be the most sensitive to this New Moon. People who are born under the signs of Libra, Capricorn and Cancer might fall under its impact as well.

The days of the New Moon

April 10 - 11 are great dates for returning money that you owe to other people, for finishing all tasks that can be finished or completed, for getting rid (throwing or giving away) unnecessary belongings, for cleaning the apartment, for asking for forgiveness, and for forgiving other people as well.

It s advised to find time for planning on the day of New Moon (April 12). It s better to spend some time alone, to ponder the goals, ideas and tasks.

April 13 - 14 is a good time to keep planning and to gradually start working on implementation of these plans.

It will be good to use your intellectual abilities for promotion at work. Finding right arguments and explaining why you are a perfect candidate for a better position will be easier.

It s important to realize where you actually feel happy, what brings you joy. Then, you start moving into that direction gradually but persistently.

It s not advised to multitask during this period.

Planning during this New Moon

We can start planning brand new tasks during this New Moon.

One can improve his projects, make them brighter and filled with sense.

The energy of Aries can help in focusing on the projects that are actually useful for developing our talents.

It s a beneficial time for building and organizing your own team.

This is a good time for expressing your organizational initiatives, for short and specific tasks, for process of learning and for gathering the information.

Traveling can be planned. One can start looking for business partners or sponsors.

It will be good to plan doing any kind of sport that is suitable for you, taking part in competitions or participating in games.

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