New Moon on February 11, 2021

The New Moon is coming at 19:05 UTC on February 11, 2021.

The New Year according to the Chinese calendar is celebrated on this day, and the influence of the energy of the year of the Ox begins.

Its energy brings strength, stability, ability to work long and hard. It is good to make appropriate preparations for this day and welcome the beginning of the influence of the main force of the year.

The Moon and the Sun will be in Aquarius at this time.

The energy of this sign will have the main impact on us in this lunar month.

The main meanings of this New Moon

Aquarius is a very friendly sign that helps to build relationships with people, unite in groups of like-minded people and go out for collective creativity.

Depending on the level of development of the Aquarian energy by a person, it will have its influence.

Lightness, flexibility, cordiality, a desire to help others, mutual understanding, a comprehensive understanding of unity, all this is a manifestation of the energy of Aquarius in its positive sense.

When people unite in groups that have some inflexible idea and strive to implement it at any cost, there is a distorted manifestation of the energy of Aquarius.

The energy of Aquarius also contributes to the disclosure of our talent, which we must nurture and then distribute its fruits to others.

The energy of this New Moon

There will be 6 planets in Aquarius on this New Moon. That will significantly strengthen the influence of the energy of this sign.

The energy of the age of Aquarius is inexorably striving to take its position. Although the former world is trying to maintain its position, trying to separate people and cause trouble between them, the meanings of the age of Aquarius with its energy of unification, unity, mutual understanding and assistance are rapidly growing.

Mars and past karma enter into the struggle with the new energies, which can increase the rivalries between men and women, as well as between representatives of different ideologies and age groups.

In order to evenly accommodate the descending flow of forces, it is recommended to maintain a balance in the field of finance and relationships, as well as not to go beyond the laws established by society.

You should not overspend your material and moral resources, go the lawless path and overplay with feelings.

Any imbalance and disharmony is under the watchful eye of Saturn, that carefully monitors the observance of the law, and all our unrighteous and impulsive actions are recorded in our penalty circle.

The choice is ours once again.

It is advisable not to ignore the inner need to go out for personal creativity, to look for a creative approach in everything intuitively, to devote more time to the development of the inner world and to the study of spiritual literature and practices.

The period of the New Moon

The New Moon period lasts from February 10 to 12, 2021.

It is advisable to clean the house and make room for a new one at this time. Thus, to organize a cleared space for preparing for the Chinese New Year.

It is important to maintain a friendly mood and high spirits.

When making preparations for the Chinese New Year and the New Moon, it is worth keeping in mind the balance and not overdoing it.

During this period you should be particularly attentive to the storage and protection of your information, as well as to all information coming to you from outside.

Planning for this New Moon

You can plan for the entire upcoming year on this New Moon.

It is especially fruitful to plan group and team projects, events and interactions, including family ones, during this period.

It is beneficial to plan social projects aimed at helping other people and society as a whole.

You can plan a change in the interior or a rearrangement in the house, which you will carry out before the end of February.

This month it is good to go in for a handicraft, if there is an interest in this.

The period from 21 to 26 February is particularly favorable for planning new projects.

People who have significant planets in Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Taurus will be the most sensitive to the energies of the New Moon.