Full Moon on January 10, 2020

The Full Moon on January 10 occurs at 7:21 P.M. UTC.

At this time there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse also.

At the time of this Full Moon the Sun will be in Capricorn and the Moon will be in Cancer.

The meanings of this Full Moon

The Full Moon on January 10, 2020 allows us to see how to overcome obstacles in our path and how to achieve the goals.

Capricorn gives the strength and fills us with the energy of aspiration and achievement.

Capricorn teaches us to succeed in different areas of our lives. It also gives us knowledge of humility when moving to the top.

In Cancer we identify with our carapace until we begin to move towards perfection.

The energies of this Full Moon

The arrangement of planets at this Full Moon gives a difficult and intense configuration. A large number of planets in the sign of Capricorn oppose the Moon and the Northern node in Cancer. Neptune will be in support of the Moon, increasing intuition and sensitivity.

This arrangement of planets orient us towards the exit from focusing on ourselves.

The energy of the Full Moon and Eclipse makes it possible to complete the topics related to non-constructive relationships, and to free oneself from negative patterns in the subconscious.

Also It helps to close issues related to home, real estate, emotions, career, job, skill, responsibility.

In these areas a new understandings may arise, a new attitude can be developed for them, and, possibly, the correct lines of behavior can be found.

An eclipse will provide an opportunity to review our emotional reactions, to see our inner essence, our inner truth, which is known only to ourselves. It can help the transformation of the hidden into a new quality.

A strong aspect in addition to the Eclipse is the conjunction of Saturn with Pluto. You may want to command of someone, to show your importance. It is better to direct the power of this aspect to take power over oneself and align oneself.

Full Moon period

During the Full Moon period, from January 8 to 12, issues of the past or inheritance may be raised.

During this period, it is advisable to be very attentive to loved ones and others. It is necessary to try not to say offensive words and not to raise painful topics. Try to be tolerant, look for ways to resolve issues peacefully.

It is most favorable during this period to perform meditation, work with your habits and stereotypes of behavior.

You can intensively work and meditate on the topic of your talents and the direction of your development.

On the day of the Full Moon meditate on your true goals, look for the right steps and let go of the past.