New Moon on February 9, 2024

The New Moon will occur at 10:59 P.M. UTC.

This New Moon marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. At this time, the Chinese New Year is coming.

At this moment, the Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Aquarius.

The new lunar month will last until March 10, 2024.

The main meanings of this New Moon

The New Moon in Aquarius defines new milestones in our cooperation with the groups of people to which we will belong.

First of all, Aquarius is all about service, co-creation, and showing responsibility in groups of people to which we belong.

Despite the constancy and dedication that Aquarius naturally possesses, it is still very freedom-loving and open to many things.

This New Moon sets the task to understand: what freedom is for each of us personally and we define it for ourselves and for the people around us.

The energy of this New Moon

The external part of this New Moon will be the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

But the inner meaning of this New Moon will be more important, since it will be associated with another tremendous shift of the Age of Aquarius.

The energy of the New Moon will contain a powerful planetary energy charge, which will come from Pluto connected to Mars.

This connection of the planets provides an opportunity for a gigantic internal and external shift in the future. This energy and potential should be taken into account, because within a few days after the New Moon, it will vibrate and have an effect.

This is a potential opportunity to start big things and projects, participate in big competitions, make achievements, overcome obstacles, and for new discoveries and deep transformation.

Favourable aspects for creators, poets, musicians, and artists are formed in the sky.

This is a great time to search for a new image, a new way of self-expression, and showing love in an unusual way.

At the same time, the sky map will help us understand how to redirect finances, find the best way to invest them, and realise what modern trends have a potential to go big.

The most difficult thing at this time may be to be completely satisfied with our personality. Mood swings and lack of complete satisfaction with life will be strong, especially if we worry a lot only about ourselves.

Also, this New Moon may cause difficulties in addressing legal and documentary matters.

At this time, we may want to confront recognized and reputable people. There may be a lot of redundant conversations.

With all the power that this New Moon brings, it will set us up for a more subtle perception of life, art, and beauty. It will possess the aura of mysticism and mystery.

The most sensitive to the energies of this New Moon will be the representatives of Capricorns, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio.

Planning during this New Moon

When planning during this New Moon, we should not omit specific details and go too far into general descriptions. It is important to find a middle ground between a big dream and a description of specific steps we need to take to achieve it.

Luck will not be shining on us on this New Moon, so we will need to work hard. But this time, very original and unusual thoughts and ideas may come to us, which are worth paying attention to.

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