New Moon on September 7, 2021

New Moon on September 7, 2021, will occur at 0:51 A.M. UTC.

The Moon and the Sun will be in the sign of Virgo at this moment.

The new lunar month will last until October 6, 2021.

The main meanings of this New Moon

Virgo is an earth sign that gives the energy to put material affairs in order. It also fills our activities with meaning. It helps to recognize where our efforts are in vain, and where we need to work hard.

The sign of Virgo makes it possible to sort everything out. In this sign, we can bring meaning to those affairs in which it was not enough before.

In Virgo, we learn to put our Soul into our affairs. We gain an understanding of the meaning of life and all our activities.

The energy of this New Moon

In this New Moon, there may be a desire for stability and order in everything.

There is an increasing need to earn money in order to be independent, to feel secure. A desire to accumulate money for the purpose of development, and not just for pleasure may appear. Money can also be perceived as a means to bring beauty into your life.

It is advisable to pay off debts, complete the registration of real estate documents and deal with controversial legal issues until the end.

The New Moon fills us with energy for social activities, positive contact with our supervisors, the ability to negotiate and show a business approach to innovations and original, non-standard ideas. Organizational skills strengthen.

It is important to tune in to mutual understanding and good human relations. Rely on a sense of justice, sincerity, and tact.

The mind becomes disciplined during the New Moon dates, which is good for work that requires perseverance and attentiveness. There will be an opportunity for more detailed planning, where it is possible to carefully consider all nuances.

At this time, a sense of style is more pronounced, which can contribute to the selection of a new wardrobe.

Planetary energy gives deep understanding in combination with strength and will. Life begins to be perceived not as a series of motionless conditions, but as a single stream.

Increased impressionability during this New Moon can give a tendency to succumb to the moods of others. Past experiences can reveal rigid attitudes and prejudices, especially if the material side of life does not provide comfort.

It may be difficult to go big at this time, but it is worth catching active energy of creativity, which is able to bring you to a positive mindset, fill and help in overcoming difficult situations.

This New Moon will be most noticeable for representatives of the signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Planning during this New Moon

During this New Moon, it is advised to think about the matter of financial savings.

It is important to define the things that have to be done, but there was always not enough strength or time for them. Find resources inside you to deal with them, find ways and time to solve them.

This New Moon gives the energy to bring all documents in order.

If there are suggestions that you would like to provide to your supervisor, feel free to plan them for the upcoming lunar month.

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