Full Moon on May 7, 2020

The Full Moon on May 7 occurs at 10:45 A.M. UTC.

At the time of this Full Moon the Sun will be in Taurus and the Moon will be in Scorpio.

The meanings of this Full Moon

The sign of Taurus is related to our desires. Its energy helps to transform our desires into aspiration.

When our desires are transformed to spiritual aspiration, we can achieve enlightenment.

At this Full Moon in Buddhism it is celebrated Wesak - the famous Buddha holiday.

Buddha teaches the liberation  from desires, as well as the transformation of Mind into Wisdom.

Buddha said: 'Kill the desire, but not before it has outlived itself.'

Calming the mind is the first step towards mental and spiritual development and to gain wisdom.

Buddha teaches us enlightenment, and the holiday of Wesak is symbol of enlightenment of all humanity.

The sign of Taurus teaches us to use our will properly. Also, it is related to planning and perseverance in the implementation of our plans.

The energy of Taurus covers our ideas with the power of desire necessary for their embodiment on physical plane.

During the Full Moon we can use the energy of this sign to plan our life for the year ahead.

The energy of this Full Moon

The Full Moon on May 7 has a strong emotional background, which may interfere with making the right decisions.

It is important to learn to control oneself, to maintain internal balance, and not to go to extremes and fanaticism.

Try to be more friendly and peaceful to the surrounding space.

This Full Moon gives the opportunity to see where we are fooling ourselves. Also, its energy directs us to spiritual development and hints the need to stop running by circle and look inside ourselves.

There is a possibility of rising old karmic situations that need to be worked out and brought to the end.

The Moon in Scorpio is about a transformation. This is the time to overcome subconscious fears and complexes.

The Sun in Taurus brings the energy of love and  creation, awakens the taste for life.

Also, it is important to finally understand that the old schemes no longer work and to learn how to create new ones in which the Soul would become more manifested in our lives.