Full Moon on April 6, 2023

The Full Moon on April 6, 2023, will occur at 04:34 A.M. UTC.

During this Full Moon, the Sun will be in the sign of Aries, and the Moon will be in the sign of Libra.

This Full Moon will occur on the Cardinal Cross, with an annular eclipse (April 20, 2023).

The main meanings of this Full Moon

The Full Moon gives us energy and a new impulse and brings new ideas, which we will need to implement later.

This is a time to tune into the positive energy of inspiration, the joy of life, and creativity.

During this Full Moon, we can catch new creative thoughts, find the balance between our material and spiritual aspects in life, harmonise the flow of thoughts and ideas, and distribute our energy to the things that inspire and that we want to implement.

The Full Moon gives us the opportunity to completely change something in our lives and in ourselves. There will be a chance to get rid of something annoying that disturbed us for a long time, both inside us and in our external lives. The process of getting rid of stereotypes in thinking and acting will be the most successful.

The Full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis has the task of bringing all our ideas and actions to the level of harmony and beauty. It helps us find the strength and will to show justice, honesty, and simplicity in our lives.

The energy of this Full Moon

The energy of this Full Moon is bright and filled with life-affirming principles.

It enhances our ambitions and leadership qualities. It activates organisational skills and the ability to gather people into a team for project implementation.

It increases interest in social activities and the desire and ability to gain authority and achieve a certain status.

The energy of this Full Moon increases our emotional dependence on being successful in society.

The Full Moon promotes a structural approach to business and increases our ability to plan and act consistently according to plan.

It gives us a consistent speech and the ability to be responsible for our words and fulfil promises. It promotes long reflections and eliminates the possibility of making decisions quickly.

The energy of this Full Moon contributes to learning and structuring our knowledge and any information.

It promotes commercial activities and negotiations when selling real estate, land, agricultural goods and products, and household and interior decoration goods. It activates actions in the name of our family, clan, and homeland.

The energy of this Full Moon contains beauty and the desire for comfort, enjoyment, pleasure, and creativity. It increases our intuition and sensitivity to the person we talk to and surrounding processes.

The representatives of the signs Aries, Taurus, Libra, Cancer, and Pisces will be the most sensitive to the energies of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon dates

This Full Moon will last from April 4 to April 8, 2023.

During this period, we should pay attention to meditation, and find time for rest, relaxation and going to the sauna.

It will be great to work on physical improvement, do anti-ageing treatments. To do a mental cleanse and to structure our ideas.

Emotional exhaustion caused by mental activity, communication and training may occur during this Full Moon.

Pressure from the authorities, tension due to problems with documents, and failures in computer systems are possible.

There may be situations when it will be necessary to prove ourselves on two fronts. To show our Self and our leadership qualities in two projects at once, email our resume to two companies at the same time, grow stronger in two different areas, or try to grab two chances at once.

After the Full Moon, it is good to start the process of body cleansing and getting rid of the unnecessary.

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