Full Moon and Eclipse on July 5, 2020

On July 5, 2020 at 4:44 A.M. UTC we are awaiting penumbral lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon.

At this time the Sun will be in Cancer and the Moon will be in Capricorn.

The meanings of this Full Moon

Cancer teaches us to see the Light inside matter.

The light within ourselves and in the material forms that we build and that surround us.

At this Full Moon we can see and understand the real meaning of our tasks and projects.

We can see where the implementation of certain deeds leads us - to darkness or to light, to joy or disappointment.

Energy of Cancer helps to adequately balance the implementation of our plans with our real resources and capabilities.

The sign of Cancer allows to remove that superfluous, which is an obstacle or a burden on our path.

Here we can think about which forms are worth building and which are not worth supporting, because it is already meaningless and does not lead anywhere.

The energy of this Full Moon

This Full Moon along with Eclipse will create a wave that will have an impact on at least the half of year.

This Full Moon carries a redistribution of energy in various areas of our lives, affecting not only family issues, relationship with children and the older generation, but also social, educational, diplomatic and political areas.

At this Full Moon it is important to be conscious and attentive to your states and maintain a harmonious environment around you. We must try not to touch on painful issues, especially in our family and job.

The clearing old debts continues to be an actual topic.

The time for implementing new projects has not yet come. Our plans can stall and require us to go back to complete the old tasks.

At this time occurrence of karmic situations is possible. Old unresolved problems may arise.

However, it should be remembered that thinking with emphasis on the past, as well as excessive emotionality and sentimentality, can lead away from solving actual life problems.

The past should be dealt with as much as necessary, and one should look anyway into the future, at that soberly and optimistically.