New Moon in Taurus - May 4, 2019

During the approaching New Moon the Sun and the Moon will meet each other in Taurus sign, therefore the entire month will be affected by Taurus energy.

The exact time of this New Moon is 18:45 EST (New-York), or 22:45 UTC - May 4, 2019.

The energy of Taurus facilitates the creation and realization of plans. The more realistically you imagine your goals the better chances you have to reach them with the help of this energy.

However, the materialization of these plans requires a certain amount of consistency and persistence.

It’s suggested to plan real estate or art purchases, building or renovation projects, changing up the interior, the rearranging of finances or purchasing any high quality items. This is a good period for adding new technologies to your house, for example a “Smart House” system.

Uranus in Taurus will let you change your financial conditions. New income sources could appear, including extremely unusual ones.

Develop upon any ideas you might have at this period or any projects you want to share with the world. They won’t necessarily materialize immediately but they surely will eventually!

This lunar month is favorable for travel or even  just a little ride to some untouched nature place. You will not only enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth but also nourish yourself with it’s powerful energy and feel deep contact with it.

The New moon will strengthen your intuition and tune it into a perception which is “truth without medium”, meaning you’ll be able to catch very high level of knowledge and images straight from the source. Also you will be able to solve some problems in creative ways.

If you feel like your “inner supervisor” is blocking any spheres of your life try to turn it off and open your heart to your natural intuition.

Creativity inspired by the energy of Neptune evokes your imagination and helps to transfer its harvest onto the canvas or paper. You may notice increased ability to see the essence of things.

Any seminar or training in psychology, religion or spiritual growth will be very productive and helpful for your personal development.

This lunar month is good for finding new information and applying it in your life. Your mind will be bright and productive.

Try to be especially disciplined and responsible in your social activities. Actively improve your professionalism if you are aiming for a promotion.

Try your best to be realistic, don’t let your inner spontaneity or outer influences distract you from your goals. Considering contemporary tendencies let wisdom and rationality be your guides.