New Moon in Gemini - June 3, 2019

This Lunar month will be determined by the energy of Gemini, because the New Moon will meet the Sun in this particular sign.

The exact time of this New Moon is 06:01 EST (New-York), or 10:01 UTC - June 3, 2019.

The energy of this sign will teach us proper relationships, so try and tune yourself into brand new, harmonious relationships with family, friends, colleagues or any of your company.

This month is favorable for working and exchanging new information or improving your knowledge, as well as all kinds of travels including work. You could also plan important meetings or negotiations and search for new useful contacts.

During the New Moon try to avoid illusions: try your best to set a mission which will be attainable for yourself. Be cautious of false promises both to yourself and others. Try not to overload yourself. Create planes considering your current abilities.

This period will be very productive for those who work with the word. It’s strongly suggested to start a diary, write notes, organize papers or computer desktop and try to systematize your knowledge in general.

During this New Moon Mercury is going through the Gemini sign, this creates an energy which clears our minds and gives us ability to think logically.

This is a favorable period for teachers, coaches, travelers, journalists and bloggers. Gemini’s energy stimulates eloquence and helps with the expression of opinions, this is why this month is also good for public presentations or training oratory skills.

Meanwhile, during the actual New Moon try not to talk too much, measure every word of yours and remain as calm as possible.

We are all supposed to seek the development of our own individuality, but at the same time remember and respect social norms and consider contemporary tendencies. Go with the times, listen to your intuition and keep yourself open to new experiences.