New Moon August 1, 2019

The New Moon on August 1, 2019 will occur at 03:11 UTC.

On this New Moon the Sun and the Moon will conjunct in the sign of Leo, and the whole lunar month will be under influence of Leo energy.

The sign of Leo gives us a favorable opportunity for the manifestation in the life of their talents, ideas and original solutions.

It helps to bring something new and bright in our life, to show leadership, gives us the ability to stand at the head and organize people and ourselves.

The energy of this sign increases the possibility of self-control and self-organization — at this time it is good to draw up a life program, set goals for personal growth.

In Leo the energy of moving forward appears.

The energy of Leo increases positive and optimism.

It becomes easier to express yourself, not only by image, but also through the word.

This is a good period for choosing a new image of self.

The breadth of views that can appear at this moment gives an opportunity to innovate in the usual.

Under the influence of Leo there is enough energy for the implementation of our projects.

In this lunar month it is good to plan a trips and sports.

It is worth paying attention to your loved ones and something to help them.

During New Moon period avoid increased activity and harsh words.

The energies of this New Moon increase the interest in the secret and the unknown.

It is desirable to pay attention to spiritual development and widening of the worldview.