Moon void of course

When the Moon is orbiting around the Earth there are certain periods when it doesn’t interact with any Planet before changing signs.

Astrologists says that at this time the Moon doesn’t make any major (i.e. external) applying aspects with other Planets. It is a lucid interval for the Moon.

The void of course Moon periods are most unfavorable to do anything that require a specific desired outcome, with a very wide range of actions that include applying for a job or contest, asking for favors, getting married or going out to date someone for the first time, starting a lawsuit or a business, announcing anything, buying important items such as a car, a property, etc.

Avoid from any hurried resolution, and not to ask anyone to make them. As possible have a rest, retire and try to concentrate on yourself with maximum attention.

Make routine activities that do not require much focus.

It is a favorable period for creative work when you don’t care about or expect any specific desired outcome.

The void of course Moon periods last usually a couple of hours, the range being from a few minutes to even the entire two days and a half period, when the Moon makes no major aspects to other planets from its current astrological sign. These periods occur each 2-3 days during the lunar month.

If you know these periods you can make right decision whether to be active or to have a rest.

Following the natural rhythms you can make your life more balanced and harmonious.