6 lunar day

Symbol: Crane

Breathing and sound could heal any illness.

It is a day of retirement and humbleness. Intuition is sharpened. Any breathing exercises are useful, as well as aroma therapy.

Influence on health:

Cosmic energy (prana) would be good digested. Perform anti-aging treatment, clean your upper airways, bronchi.

Nutrition tips:

This day water elements are active, mostly take care of your kidneys. Beer, a lot of water, milk or dairy produce can be harmful. Avoid any cleaning procedures.


Afavorabledayforany undertaking. You can be successful inmanyaspects.

- To solve any financial matter
- To engage in business showing your skills and talents
- To be some passive
- To analyze the current situation and dip into the future

Not recommended:
- To accommodate with a loan money (it is considered that within money you’ll give success and quietness away)
- To overstress and work overtime (it can be harmful for your health and business)
- To turn the heat on financial situation (be moderate)
- To effect a sale
- To repay and return a pledge


This day can bring peace and regularity for a new family.
A couple, created this day, is able to achieve wisdom and to keep love for a long term.
A wedding celebration should better perform in a calm place with relatives, without having alcohol and much food.
This is a favorable day to constitute a family for aged couples who appreciate inner world and depth in interpersonal relations.
Families created during the 6th lunar day are peaceful and long-term.
During this day intuition intensifies and you can realize the real sense of your relations. You can understand and appreciate your feelings.
The influence of Venus is high this day so it is a good day for having dates.
A favorable day for starting relations “Tabula Rasa”

Stones and minerals:

Hyacinth, citrine.

Meditation: Breathing exercises, mental body purification, sound therapy.

This day you can easily tune in the signs that life shares to you. So keep more attention to wind sounds, a palpitation of the leaves, bird singing, enjoy the harmony of the Nature. sniff the scent of a flower or freshness of winter morning, if its raining breath with ozone. Find the source of natural harmony, feel this energy.

During the 6th lunar day emotion center is active (between the throat and breast)

The dreams:

All you have dreamed in this lunar day can be considered as a revelation of the upper forces. These dreams often show which deeds should be completed and preferably quickly. In this dream you can see the people to whom you owe a debt. But always remember that dreams should be properly interpreted, therefore, your feelings are very important to understanding any dream, especially in this lunar day. On this day you can ask a question to the Higher powers, waking up be sure to write down a dream and carefully analyze it using intuition, because the answer can be covered in symbols.

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