13 lunar day

Symbol: Wheel

Wheel rotates, movement continues.

Good day for group work, acquisition of new information, for initiation of new training cycles. It is a day for accumulation, acquisition, manufacturing of household articles. It is good to bake bread.

Influence on health:

Pancreas and hara are active. Satisfying meal is recommended. Energy and blood circulation increases. Procedures for body rejuvenation are recommended. It is possible to clean liver.

Nutrition tips:

It is favorable to take seafood and experiment with food. Digestion of solid grain porridge is very good. Vegetables and fruits are irreplaceable as usually. Bake and take bread.


A day of vital force renovation.

- To extend the sphere of influence, to correct your business policy
- To sign an agreement
- To engage new employees
- To organize public function
- To get new information, to level up education
- To bunch
- To work
- To work in team and to discuss urgent problem with colleagues
- To solve financial matter

Not recommended:
- To start serious deeds, mostly alone
- To stop doing previously started deeds
- To have too much rest


This is favorable day to constitute a family among scientists, travelers, geologists, researchers.
Couples created this lunar day are usually provident, discipline and well planned.
During this day you can discuss sensitive issues and start a new way of living.

Stones and minerals:

Noble opal.

Meditation: Wheel, swastika (clockwise).

The day of energy renewal and cleaning from old mental blocks. You can notice that some situations are repeated in your life. To change this situation and renew your life you can run the “Renewal Wheel” this day.

During the 13th lunar day Hara chakra (two fingers below omphalus) and sweetbread is active

The dreams:

Energy of this lunar day shows, are you moving by a circle or something changes and you climb the spiral stairs up. The dream is the main tip for this understanding. It can reveal to you where you don't want to change yourself or that it is difficult to overcome. In this dreams the Life itself is knocking at your door and tells you the way in which you need to go in the direction of changing. It is important not to ignore these hints and to start to follow them, then you will free some energy for future actions. Do not forget to write your dreams as you waked up to analyze it.

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