9 lunar day

Symbol: Bat

Be on the watch, discern between situations when evil forces seduce and when the light of truth shines.

Over these 24 hours negative emanations have influence on humans. This is a day of provocations, beware of trickery, temptations, seduction and illusions. Be modest. Better not to start new projects. People with a clear conscience need not to fear on this day.

Influence on health:

Breast is active. One should practice strength exercises. One can also soften their system for liver cleaning.

Nutrition tips:

It is a good day for fasting, Eat delicate food. Do not take artificial origin products, not natural drinks, pastries, etc. Solid grain porridge is preferable. Fish is Ok. Do not overeat, it is very dangerous this day. Avoid mushrooms, meat and long vegetables.


Unfavorable day to start any new business.

- to have a rest, recover strength, clear up mind
- to devote this day to your inner world
- Robbing probability is high. Take care of your values and deposits
- To Be quite and patient communicating with colleagues. Do not interfere with anyone. Conflictsarenoteasytoberesolved.
- To Avoid aggression and good intentions as well
- To Cancel profitable dealsand do not take part in adventurous events
- To Have time for your hobby and creative work
- To Cancel all important deeds

Not recommended:
- To carry on business
- To visit any presentations and entertainment
- To sign a contracts
- To process documents
- To accommodate with a loan, draw upon a credit


This day is the most unfavorable for wedding ceremonies. Conflicts between partners are commonly happened
Try to cancel the first rendezvous.
Try to control your feelings and do not express negative emotions to your partner.
This day avoid future planning and analyzing your feelings.

Stones and minerals:

Black pearl, alexandrite, smoky topaz, orphite.

Meditation: White light, mental purification, forgiveness, formation of astral protection, breaking curses.

The 9th lunar day is one of the most complicated, so abstain from meditation and visualization practices. Try not to fall for any provocations. Training: Tuning into the white light. If you choose not to meditate this day, use the below-mentioned practices on the other suitable days. During the morning meditation imagine white light and observe it for some time. When you calm down, open your eyes and do your usual activities. Wherever you are today, use every possibility to visualize the white light and concentrate on its quietness. In the evening clean your home with incense, bells or a singing bowl.

During the 9th lunar day the Anahata chakra and chest are active.

The dreams:

Dreams this lunar day may show internal conflicts hidden within your character and subconscious. The dreams may be unpleasant, even terrible, but they are determined by your karmic issues which need to be resolved. Energy on this day is difficult, the dreams might not be easy either, but don't be afraid. Don't attach great importance to the images appearing in your dreams today. Just analyze the dream, extract useful information or throw the dream away and forget it, by saying: 'Where the night goes the dream follows'. Good dreams may come true.

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