30 lunar day

Symbol: Golden Swan

Sum up, adopt yourself and make a step to the new day.

Very harmonious and easy day. That day occurs not every month, and it is very short. It should be dedicated to termination of affairs, to monthly summing up. One should pay debts, get rid of superfluous. It is a day of love, forgiveness and adoption. House cleaning is recommended; you can protect your house with talismans.

Influence on health:

It a day for cardiac muscle cleansing. Light diet is recommended.

Nutrition tips:

It is better to have a rest during this last day of lunar month. Take more vegetables and fruits, Prepare delicate food. Give yourself a treat with sweets.


Today all former deeds are succeed.

- To carry on financial matter
- To repay
- To sum up
- To fill in harmonious states
- To have outdoor trip to accumulate power for the upcoming lunar month

Not recommended:
- To commence new activity


On this day it is recommended to abstain from family constitution. It can be short-term and weak.
It is recommended to pass this day with your beloved partner in a quiet and peaceful place, in the open.

Stones and minerals:

Madrepore, rock crystal and tourmaline.

Meditation: Harmony of nature.

A day of summarizing. It is recommended to be outdoor if you can. Choose calm and peaceful place and try to calm your feelings and mind. Close your eyes, and go over the details of last lunar month. Recall the positive ones and fix them in your mind by “GOOD” affirmation. Look at those moments that you’d like to transform – and fix them by “TO BE TRANSFORMED” affirmation. Then open the list of previous month analysis and summarize what is accomplished or not.

During the 30th lunar day Anahata chakra is active

The dreams:

In this lunar day you can see the bright and happy dreams that are usually come true. This dreams can be as result of the past month, or this dreams can show what you need to be done in the next lunar month. This lunar day rare comes, therefore be especially attentive to the dreams of this day. Write down this dreams, and review what you have done, and where you should pay attention and make a effort.

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