8 lunar day

Symbol: Phoenix

It is a day of repentance, clearance and transformation.

You should think over your life. It is an active day, unforeseen events are possible. Bathing, laundry, alcohol ingestion are not recommended. Dreams could shed light on your destination.

Influence on health:

Stomach cleaning and fasting is recommended. One could soften the organism for liver cleaning.

Nutrition tips:

This day you can fasting or keep a vegetarian diet. If you are not vegetarian eat delicate food, cereals and fish. Avoid nicotine and alcohol.


Today all incomplete tasks are actual more than usual. Unexpected conflicts, emergency conditions can occur. Get ready that all planned deeds are carried out slower.

- to find a creative solutionsfor old projects
- to solve insignificant financial matters only
- to find new partners
- to work more individually
- to cancel teamwork

Not recommended:
- to overestimate your abilities
- to overload


Try to avoid constitution a family this day. Besides the union started this lunar day can be lucky for active and extensively traveled persons.
People are open-hearted this day. Therefore, even during the first date you can open your partner any private information.
If your partner feels guilty he can suddenly have an apologizes. If not – try to understand and excuse him. Avoid sarcasm and malevolence this day.

Stones and minerals:

Red granite, chrysolite, morion.

Meditation: Fire, chemical reaction.

Training: Purification with fire
If possible seat by a woodfire in the evening. Get ready for complete interaction with fire, contemplating tongues of flame and going down into its energy field. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the center of a fire. Feel how it burns out all your negative emotions and clears your energy channels. When you feel it’s enough, imagine that you step out of fire and breath deeply with clear fresh air, you channels are filled with new pure energy, your aura is light and transparent. Realize that your aura and body experiences new chemical reactions which renews your life. Give thanks to the fire for your purification. If making wood-fire is impossible practice the same meditation with candle. Training: Clearing home with fire.
Clear your house using candle walking clockwise three times. Sing prayer or mantra. After clearing you can use pleasing incense to fulfill a new space.

During the 8th lunar day Muladhara chakra is active

The dreams:

In this lunar day dreams indicate your ability that you haven't yet realized. You can see an indication of the problems from which you turned away in the past and forgot, but they need to be solved. You can see the tasks for which you have the power, do not turn away from them, try to use this power to resolve the assigned tasks. Also, the images of dreams at this time show the ability for your changing and transformation. So if you saw confined spaces and obstacles it means you don't have changing. If on the contrary, you saw open spaces, fields, mountains, sea, beautiful and bright room, it means you are going in the right direction. Thus, the main task of dreams on this day is to show your predestination. Carefully consider your dreams and keep in mind that life is rarely sets before us the great tasks, it may be from your point of view a small task, but it will be of great value to you.

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